By Request: Kitten Video

Cat fight!

Yup. Adorable.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

20 replies on “By Request: Kitten Video”

The squee is strong with these two!

Teeny little indignant “mewp!” noises…

Yanno, for all Thing Two is all “personality” and Thing One is all “kewtitude,” it looks to me like T1 can look after her/himself as needed.

And then, of course, that’s an 8.6 on the dismount.

Pretty dang cute!

We had two cats, the last one dying in 2006. I’ve always liked cats and right now we have one dog. When I asked my wife and son what they thought of the idea, my son surprised me by saying he didn’t want one. Not really sure why but didn’t want to press. Think I’ll ask him again since it’s been about a year now.

If you’re going to make that shameless an attempt at product placement in a “viral video”, at least turn your book right side up and show the whole cover. Sure it looks more ‘accidental’ the way you have it, but come on! It’s called marketing people.

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