Kitten Update 11/3/15

They’re adorably all kittened out here, probably because earlier they had round two of their cat fight:

That leaves things all tied up. Will there be a tie-breaker? Stay tuned!


By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I actually saw a catfight between two full grown cats the other day on one of my night walks. There’s this white cat that’s always sitting at the top of the driveway of his/her home at night whenever I walk by, but this time I saw said cat chase another cat across the street before they got into a very loud fight and the other cat ran off.

Checking for updates on my lunch-hour, and I got caught – my boss walked past just as I was laughing out loud at T2’s abrupt descent from the sofa.

So worth it, though. The endorphin rush will keep me grinning inwardly for the rest of the day.

My family adopted two kittens, sisters, about six months ago so what you depict is basically my life. They are bigger now but still are adorabling up my FB feed on an irregular basis. We ended up with two for a similar reason to yours: I went to an adoption event to get one younger cat to be a buddy for our one younger cat, who was grieving for his friend who became a coyote dinner. The kittens were in a single cage, raised together, and hell, we already had three cats at home, what’s two more?

Good luck getting work done while they scamper over your keyboard.

fighty bitey fighty bitey
kit-tens like to fight
fighty bitey fighty bitey
kit-tens like to fight

fight-ee bite-ee fight-ee bite-ee
fight-ee bite-ee fight-ee bite-ee
fight-ee bite-ee kittens like to fight!!

(Sung to the tune of “Frito Corn Chips Go With Lunch”)

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