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Post-Election Day Thoughts, 2015

Here in Ohio, aside from some local races, the only things I had on my ballot to vote for were state initiatives. Here’s how I voted: Issue One: This one changed the state redistricting process so that it’s handled by a non-partisan committee rather than by whoever’s in the majority in the state government when redistricting comes along. […]

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Kitten Update, 11/4/15

Because we all need more adorable in our life.  Thing One. Thing Two. Thing One and Thing Two, posing as if for a formal portrait. Thing Two meeting Lopsided Cat, very briefly. It went reasonably well. It may have helped that Lopsided Cat is still maybe a little stoned. People have been asking if/suggesting that […]

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The Big Idea: Jason Denzel

In this Big Idea piece for Mystic, author Jason Denzel is about to tell you more about martial arts origin stories than you probably already knew. But don’t worry, it’s going somewhere — specifically, it’s going to tell you how his novel came about. JASON DENZEL: The Big Idea behind my debut novel, Mystic, is […]

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