Kitten Update, 11/5/15

Because I know what you really want.

Kitten One conquers the Evil Sock of Evil.

Meanwhile, Thing Two takes on both the Banjolele of Not-Niceness, and the Feather Duster Streamer of Ill Repute. This one ended in a draw.

The Things, totes adorbs.

Incidentally, if you want to experience full on kitten overload, I’ve made a Flickr album of the Things, here. Enjoy.

35 Comments on “Kitten Update, 11/5/15”

  1. Oh, you DEFINITELY need a kitten-cam. The cuteness. Those eyes. Arrrrggghhh!

    ***Goes off to cuddle her 22 lb lumbering ox of a cat, who won’t understand why but won’t care***

  2. Too, too adorable! Do be careful with the ribbon though. Ribbon in kitten intestines can wreak havoc and generate giant vet bills!

  3. Back in the days when the Net was flat, someone posted a story called “Brave Missy and the Sock Monsters” about how the family kitten had protected the family from evil socks. Sadly, I’ve not found it since.

  4. AWWWWWwwwwwww……

    So, just out of curiosity, have you tracked your site-visit stats over the past few days? I know that I’ve stopped by a whole lot more often than usual to see if the latest batch of adorableness has been posted yet, and I have a funny feeling that I’m not alone.

    Oh, and about the kitten-cam – my boss would just like to put in a plea that if you do that, you disable it during working hours lest it clobber my productivity even further. I, on the other hand, would be delighted if you posted a 24×7 kitty-cam, so there you go. One vote yea, one vote nay.

  5. Incidentally, if you want to experience full on kitten overload, I’ve made a Flicker album of the Things, here. Enjoy.

    Okay, I think the kittehs have you in their tiny, needle-sharp, paws now, John. I think.

  6. Is T2 significantly larger than T1, or is he perhaps just fluffier? Is there really that much variation between kittens from the same litter at that age, different sex or not?

  7. Sooo…..Uhm….When are they going to take on the dreaded Yarn Cobra? That would be a REAL challenge.

  8. By the way, not sure if anyone told you this, but both those kittens are female. Tortoiseshells and/or calicos (which they are) are always female. Might help with the naming!

  9. Oh, the cuteness! As for names, I’d suggest Pinky and Brain since they are obviously on a mission to take over the world (or at least the interwebz)

  10. I brought home two brother kittens12 years ago. They have been amusing me ever since. Enjoy those sweet Things! (If you don’t watch out, that will become their permanent names.) It’s good they have each other and now you and yours. The kitten album was just…..awwwwwwwww!

  11. I have long mocked that cute-catnessing of the interwebs, but I have to say that in this ca-

    Squee! Kittehs! Kittehs!

    … Oh, sorry, were was I?

  12. You won’t need to post anything substantive for, oh, eight or ten months. Maybe even past the presidential election.

    Maybe ever.

  13. my god they are too cute!

    Thank you for posting these, sir, I needed that cute injection.

  14. I used to visit your site for your wit and wisdom and the Big Idea so I could find more books to add to my TBR mountain.

    But to hell with all that – now I just stop by for ALL THE THINGS!

  15. Yeah, they’re both girls. (99% probability or something like that).

    Charlotte and Emily?

  16. No bacon, but you’re teaching your kitten how to play the banjo(lele) – that’s got to be worth at least part of an internetz.

    For those of you in the San Jose California area, there’s a popup cat cafe open until Nov. 15th, and they’ll be closing with a showing of internet cat videos. This is the “use coffee to lure you in to play with kitties and adopt them” kind of cat cafe, not the “use kitties to lure you in to buy coffee and cake” type. It originally meant to be open for just a month, and has actually been around for about six. No current kittens (one got adopted the morning before we went), but some very nice adult cats, including a pair of brothers that they want to place together. I would have brought them home if their needs hadn’t been too different from my current elderly cat. (She needs to free-feed and gain weight; they’re BIG cats and need to lose some.) Dancing Cat Cafe, 702 E. Julian, SJ.

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