Kitten Update, 11/6/15

Don’t pretend like you don’t want this. 

Thing One, enjoying some books.

Thing Two, practicing an “I’m totally innocent!” look.

Daisy and Thing One. Check out the size differential there. Yes, clearly, they have met. In fact:

Yup. They’re going to get along just fine.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I see through your little ploy John. First you hook us on cute kitten photos and updates. Then you cut us off cold turkey. Until we are willing to pay for cute kitten photos and updates. and thus Athena’s college tuition is funded.

well played sir.

I love how utterly fearless kittens are. “Oh, you are roughly 100 times my size and could mangle me with one snap (not that Daisy would). Meh.”

So I was watching the video of Daisy and Thing One (awwwwww!) when my own cat came over to me and started demanding attention. My initial instinct was to ignore her, until I was struck by the irony of the fact that I was ignoring my own (much loved) cat in favor of kitten videos on the internet. Cat videos: warping priorities since…well, probably since the invention of the internet, actually. I mean, who can resist??

My goodness, but Thing Two’s eyes look bright blue there! Are they? How about Thing One’s? (They are slightly shadowed in the picture and I can’t tell.) Anyway–adorable, as usual. I particularly enjoyed the way Daisy followed Thing One out of the room . . .

If a contracting company associated in anyway with John Scalzi makes a bid to build the border wall with mexico, it would be a theft of the tax payers money to let him build it. He can’t even put up a wall to contain an 8 week old kitten.

I love Daisy’s expressions throughout: “What is it? Is it lunch? Where is it going — oh, crap, better follow it and see what it gets into”, and then the tail wag at the end!

I’m sure Athena’s doing fine for names, but I always name my female cats after notorious women. Hence Rosalie (after the folksinger Rosalie Sorells), Emma (after Emma Goldman), Murasaki (after Murasaki Shikibu (when I went to visit the temple where she wrote the Tale of Genji, they were still saying prayers for her soul for the bad things she said about the Japanese Emperor 1000 years ago!) and currently Frida, named after Frida Kahlo, one of the art world’s great troublemakers.

I’m not a dog person but Daisy is an absolute sweetheart; she definitely deserves her starring role in the video. And, of course, the Things continue to be utterly delightful…

Lord, what a gentle and good-hearted dog Daisy is. (“Hello weird but interesting tiny furry thing. I will watch and follow you with interest.”) Give her many hugs, pets and scritches, please.

Yes, Jimmy, adopt a kitten! There are so many lovable cats waiting for homes and they’re fairly low maintenance. I got mine four years ago (a one-year-old) and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made. She’s sitting in my lap now, purring, not at all jealous as I coo over baby kitteh mews.

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