New Books and ARCs, 11/6/15

With extra added kitten!

Which titles look intriguing to you? Let me know in the comments.

(Kitten not included.)

29 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 11/6/15”

  1. So now the kittens will start to inhabit every picture John takes. It will start with indoor pictures, then they will photo-bomb the sunsets, and then they will sneak into the hotel parking lot pictures, and finally they will start to encroach on the Big Idea cover shots.

  2. Goodbye to the Kitten
    My Loaded Claws, My Lonely Kitten
    The Kitten Between
    Kitten Games
    Kitten of Innocents
    similated Cuban’s Guide to Kitten Santeria
    Kitten Junkies
    Kitten Moving Really Fast
    Kitten of the Imperium
    Storm Kitten

  3. Yup, I also went through my kittens-galore phase (6 kittens at once! even better!). I didn’t have a blog to share all the kitten-wonder, though.

  4. My award for Most Intriguing Title goes to the Assimilated Cuban’s Guide to Quantum Santeria. I’m not Cuban, but I often find myself in a superposition between rational understanding and emotional commitment, and I can’t fully assimilate to either side. Would be interesting to see what Hernandez is up to.

    Speaking of superpositions and critters famous for being in them, the most intriguing feature of the picture is obviously the one that’s “not included”.

  5. Placebo Junkies looks intriguing for a couple of reasons. First, it’s got an intriguing title. Second, Thing One is cute, but I really can’t read a kitten.

  6. I’m always curious: what on earth do you do with all of the ARCs? I can’t imagine you have time to read them all. Regardless of the answer, thanks for sharing the fun with us.

  7. Based on photographic evidence before us, Thing One seems to be the more literary, book-oriented Thing…

  8. sure they look cute now. But when they grow up they will be plotting how they are going to off you.

  9. And once again, John reveals his evil cabalish plans by showing us only Tor books, and definitely absolutely no Baen books. :)

    Gotta agree that Cuban’s Guide and Placebo Junkies are the most intriguing titles, judging purely on titles. Though Loaded Gun, Lonely Heart isn’t too far behind. As for names, Nye is the main one that leaps out at me. She’s collaborated on a bunch of stuff I’ve liked. Kitty is cute, but I don’t need more feline companions at the moment.

  10. “The life of the mind” does not include kittens. Please give us material to “think” about

  11. Using the kittens to shill for your fellow authors eh? Guess you really have no shame.

  12. That Cuban’s Guide … Quantum … title wins for most quirky, intriguing title, followed by Placebo Junkies, but that name, Bonesteel (if read as “Bone Steel” instead of Bon-e-steel / -stell) is really intriguing besides.

    Is Thing 1 looking for trans-dimensional portals, there? Or purr-using titles? (Ouch, sorry.) Literary cats are always welcome.

  13. Placebo Junkies sounds like … not science fiction. Wow.

    Dystopia? Yeah, I live there. NE. How about you?

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