New Books and ARCs, 11/13/15

As we head into another weekend, it’s time for another stack of new books and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound. What looks good to you in this collection? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Anything new in Tales of the Time Scouts, or is it just a collection of the previously published novels?

  2. I think Baen needs to get a better proofreader, especially when it comes to the author’s name, ESPECIALLY when said author is no longer with us. Last I checked, an Aspirin was an analgesic and Asprin was the name of the author. That said, I wouldn’t mind reading Tales of the Time Scouts.

  3. I’d be happy to take 1636: The Viennese Waltz off your hands, having been lured into Flint’s epic 163x universe. (I would have asked for the headache remedy too–really? on the spine?–but Rigel asked first.)

  4. I don’t think I’d have noticed Asprin’s name misspelled on my own, but now that it’s been pointed out I can’t really see anything else. That’s not good.

    The Lansdale worries me. One of the Amazon reviews says it’s a Hap & Leonard novel, but the other just says coming of age, which is what the plot description seems like. The fact that it’s Lansdale makes me worry something horrible is going to happen, though.

    I’ve never looked at the Iron Druid series before, except to think it was about some kind of Amalgam-Avenger, which would be awesome both because Tony Stark hates magic and because if you absolutely have to be merged with a magic guy who the hell would pick Doctor Druid?

  5. On a whim, borrowed 1636: The Viennese Waltz from the library. Good story, but dear sweet ghods and ghoddeses they need proofreaders and copy editors. Had trouble finishing it; the errors kept throwing me out of the story. (No, an occasional typo doesn’t do that, but grammatical errors? missing words? aieeeeeee. And there were so many errors.)

    (Am very much seconding Rigel about Baen’s needing proofreaders.)

  6. At first I thought the Lansdale was Tender Lizards, which brought to mind a series of strange images. Fender Lizards is pretty odd too, but even more intriguing, I think. Even if it’s less likely to be a romance. Or recipe book. :)

  7. >> One of the Amazon reviews says it’s a Hap & Leonard novel, but the other just says coming of age, which is what the plot description seems like.>>

    And the one that says it’s Hap & Leonard says it’s graphic and violent while the other says it’s “cute” and different from the usual for Lansdale. I’m pretty sure the Hap & Leonard guy is talking about a different book.

  8. That Aspirin typo is terrible…I can’t Bayer it.
    And is that TV’s Linda Evans or a different one?
    Also the Lansdale is probably good.

  9. I just read a Carol Berg story (Flesh and Spirit) this year on the recommendation of a friend. It was QUITE good. Glad to see more coming out (but first I must track down Breath and Bone!).

  10. Fender Lizards? Car bodies or electric guitars, I wonder. If the latter, are there also Gibson Lizards and Gretsch Lizards?

  11. I’m looking forward to the Chadwick. His previous one in this series (How Dark The World Becomes) was a very pleasant surprise; noir space opera, but a lot more humane and intelligent than most entries in that category.

  12. chukg: Different Linda Evans. Someday I need to find out if the ghastly cardboard liberals in The Road to Damascus were her work or John Ringo’s.

  13. TV’s Linda Evans has behind-the-camera experience as well; she filmed at least one of Evel Knievel’s television “jump motorcycle over things” specials (which her then-husband John Derek produced). It would be unfair if she was also a novelist.

    The Aspirin thing is just embarrassing. Autocorrect is the devil.

  14. I decided some while back that it should be called auto-incorrect. ;) Especially when you throw non-English words or SF&F alien words at it.

    The Aspirin pun Excedrined my expectations, though.

    Time Scouts? I’m so far behind in reading what I have already. That sounds good, though.

    Fender Lizards? Guitars or Car Parts? And Lazy Reptiles? Hmm…. Well, the title works.

    Staked, with a nicely styled border and type. I don’t know the author or series, but somehow that stands out.

    I think Thing 1 must be busy handling something regarding those upcoming Scalzi books. If he/she is contemplating anything Fuzzy and Piper-esque, that might not surprise me. (I have no knowledge of what the Things might be up to, or the Scalzi Unit.) But if something like a Catfantastic Umpteen should ever turn up, well, that could be good too.

    I suspect that the names Thing 1 and Thing 2 have stuck in the fan imaginations, if not in the Scalzi household. Here’s hoping Daisy and Zeus are adjusting fine.

  15. Staked & Tales of the Time Scouts (what can I say, I’m a time travel junkie… =wanders off whistling the theme to Doctor Who horribly off-key= )

  16. I have to say, this makes me a bit worried about Baen. I mean, if they’ve fallen so far that they’re misprinting author’s names on book spines, how far can they be from collapsing entirely? Baen publishes a lot of good stuff, I don’t want to see them gone.

  17. 1636! Massive fan of Eric Flint, so of course I’m really excited to see how the Consortium saves the AHE, and why they would try to prop it up–especially since Flint’s said that the Ottomans are conquering Vienna by 1637.

    oh, man, I want that book.

  18. I first read the top one as “Tender Lizards”. I bet “Fender Lizards” is a good book too, but now I want to read the other one.

  19. According to Subterranean Press “Fender Lizards” isn’t a Hap & Leonard novel. The confusion comes from three H&L short stories being included in the limited edition hardback. I’m not really registering Baen typos anymore, my brain has found some kind of work-around for that problem. The Viennese Waltz is ok, read it when it came out. The whole series works fine as a historical soap opera. The Lansdale and the Chadwick are given and a couple of the others looks interesting. I have all Asprin “Time Scout” stories. A re-read is scheduled for the holidays.

  20. Fender Lizards is not a Hap and Leonard nivel, and the 3 stories in the limited, though Hap and Leonard, are mostly character studies, and short. I have no idea which book the reviewer is refering to.

  21. “Fender Lizards is not a Hap and Leonard nivel”

    Oh, what do you know?

    Also, Nivel? Is Baen reprinting him now? I hope it’s The Flight Of The Horse. My copy has seen better days.

  22. If you haven’t read the Time Scouts books (I’m assuming that’s an omnibus, since Asprin has been gone for a while), read them. They’re excellent.
    Also, as someone who’s proofread for Baen (back when they paid proofreaders–I don’t know what their current policy is) and for MacMillan, I can attest to the fact that the proofreader doesn’t see the cover copy. So blame someone else for that typo . . .

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