I Was Busy Today With the Dentist and the Accountant, So Here is a Kitten Picture Instead of Me Blathering

Thing One is coming to end you. Better watch out.

And before you ask: I cracked a tooth and had to get it repaired (everything’s all right), and I had to sit down with my accountant and figure out what to do with my taxes this year because ZOMG TAXES THIS YEAR (everything’s all right there, too, if a little breathtaking).

So: I’m fine. We’re fine. Here’s a kitten. Enjoy.

31 Comments on “I Was Busy Today With the Dentist and the Accountant, So Here is a Kitten Picture Instead of Me Blathering”

  1. A Pome

    Smoke from smoke
    Thing One comes
    Blue of eye and blur of paw
    For you comes the Thing!

    How can so much cute
    Be so dexterously sinister?

  2. Not only a cute kitten picture, but a very painterly photo, full of texture and shadow… almost as if you planned it. How’d you get the kitten to hold still for the blue contacts?

  3. Thanks for the kitten-induced grins, sympathies on the tooth woes (got my first crown a few months ago after breaking a molar – not fun, not cheap), and congratulations on reaching the ZOMG tax bracket. We just added another few hundredths of a penny to your next royalty check by ordering yet ANOTHER copy of Lock IN (we keep loaning it out and not getting it back) so we’re doing our part to keep you in that tax bracket for the foreseeable future. You’re welcome.

  4. Great photo. Painterly, atmospheric, and would do nicely for a book cover. I agree with posters above. Blue-within-blue Spice eyes? Is this just before Thing One folds space and teleports? Hmm.

    Sympathy on the tooth and the taxes. Eegad. Gadzooks. Other arcane expressions of dismay.

  5. Your cat pictures reminds me that there are things right in this world… and that those things usually are cats…

  6. About time for some REAL cat names (Athena…hint, hint). Twas me, I’d be tempted to go with Fafhrd and Grey Mouser… But then I like Fritz Leiber.

    Can’t have too many cat pics.

  7. Despite others, I’m all for the current nomenclature.

    FTR, I lurve me some Dune Kittehs.

  8. I think Thing One and Thing Two are permanent names now. Question is, how do you diminutivize them

  9. Yeah. That moment you realize you have to pay $OhMyGod in taxes. Followed closely by the realization that you *can* pay it. Good for you.

  10. Ah, but would Kitty Mu’ad Dib like being named after the ~mouse~ shadow in the second(?) moon?

    I think the names Thing One and Thing Two have stuck. Diminutives? Onesie and Twosie? Acey Deucey? Yo-Thingie and Dub-Thingie? Hey, didn’t know they have hip-hop rapper names….

  11. I look forward to your posts every day, especially the kitten ones. I’m going through some challenges right now with my daughter and it’s a welcome respite to check out your blog and get a break from the heaviness in my life right now. Thank you.

  12. Thing-Ama-Jig and Thing-Ama-Bob. Though the latter could be Bobbi, a girl, maybe a bit of a tomboy. Tomcat, tomboy, hmm, that works. So, Bob and Jig? :D Hmm, I like my earlier suggestions better. Stick with Thing One and Thing Two.

  13. To the people from Scalzi’s town: There is still time ti institute a surtax on the wealthy. Dont miss out on this one time opportunity to get your fair share of the big Scalzi contract. You have a right to fight for social justice and an equitible distribution of wealth. Don’t let the the rich fat cats in your town monopolize all the money.

  14. Why do I suddenly imagine Scalzi with a white handlebar moustache, a top hat, and spats, rubbing his hands in glee as I land on Park Place?

  15. Yes, I’d FAR rather look at a menacingly adorable kitten than read about your cracked tooth or fun with your accountant!

    After a day like this, ever feel like using your Mallet on yourself…?

  16. Cute kitten. Thanks for feeding my addiction. Ugh on the tooth.

    I wasn’t making anything like your recent contract but I remember the year my income doubled. I began paying more in taxes than some family/friends made a year. My response was to use it as an excuse to pay when we went out to nicer restaurants. It settled a number of arguments over the bill. I’m told that’s not how one is supposed to react to the government getting a higher % of my money. I thought it was something to celebrate. I was no longer poor! Let all of America celebrate with me…

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