Spice Takes Over the Doggy Bed, 11/27/15

It’s just barely big enough for her. Barely.

So, how’s the post-Thanksgiving food coma recovery coming along? I personally went to bed at 9:30 and woke up 12 hours later.

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  1. Spice looks like she’s been set adrift inside a vast space with a strange object whose function she can barely begin to understand.

  2. Lots of space to grow. Spice is a bit bigger than the bone. Looks quite comfortable stretched out and the edge makes a great headrests. I’m sure she’ll be fine sharing. ;)

  3. I’m really enjoying your kitten photos. It helps to keep me from caving when the wife wants to bring another home from the clinic. Four is quite enough, and they are all more or less adults now, so the destruction of everything we own is abating. Thank you for the sublimation material!

    I went to bed at 7:48 PM, woke up at 2:50 AM, and was in the office by 6:30 AM. But I plan to leave shortly, since there are only a handful of us in the building. Whee!

  4. Always nice to have room to stretch out, right Spice?

    The Thanksgiving food coma had to be put on hold; the family decided Wednesday that the weather forecast for Thursday was not anything we wanted to be on the road for. I got up at 5:30 this morning to scrape ice off the car and look at news photos of yesterday’s rollover crashes before heading to work.

  5. Thanksgiving went fine. The day after has always been “Black Friday”, because that traditionally has been Kitchen Clean-Up Day (after the absolutely essential stuff last night like tupperwaring leftovers and fieldstripping the turkey remains). But that’s getting pushed back a bit for the long drive to visit my mother in her nursing home (she’s 88, and doesn’t look likely to reach 89)) and then finally see the Phoenix Zoo’s annual Zoolights display.

  6. It’s good that you’ve left a couple of inches on each side to allow for Spice’s growth. Seriously, though, I want to see a picture of your pup squeezing herself into a cat-sized bed.

  7. Reminds me of that Robert Louis Stevenson poem, “My Bed Is a Boat.” Always thought that was a cool idea when I was a kid.

    After practicing very good portion control at Thanksgiving dinner, today I blew it & gorged on 4 slices of Pizza Hut. Love me some pizza, I do. Can’t coma, though, since I’m at work!

  8. I had chicken rather than turkey, homemade stuffing, and cranberry sauce. There wasn’t a tryptophan overload, and no food coma. Or else my typically off-kilter sleeping habits aren’t even fazed by a small Thanksgiving Dinner. I would’ve loved to sleep extra. But yum, dinner was goo-ood.

    The spice must flow! This is why she’s commandeered the bed. She looks quite cozy.

    If she does grow into that bed, and Sugar also…you could have a cougar-housecat mutant thing going on. Purportedly the same genus, so y’know…stuff could happen! Though I think there was a precedent in one of Andre Norton’s books, with a cougar-sized mutant housecat

    Note: my browser’s spellchecker thinks it should be spelled housecoat, not housecat. It also has trouble with starbase versus star base or staircase, yet it seems to like starships just fine. It is a sadly auto-incorrect spellchecker.

  9. Somehow I missed hearing the kitten’s new names. If this is Spice can I assume the other is Sugar? Spice is a kitty after my own heart – I like my beds rather large myself.

  10. I see that Daisy is going to have to find herself a different napping place. Though I thought the Scamperbeasts preferred snoozing on your chest? Perhaps you were otherwise engaged when Spice’s nap attack struck.

    Our Thanksgiving celebration was today, as it happens, and it was fun, albeit a smaller gathering than usual. I stuffed myself from the veggie tray before the meal so was able to manage better control with the high-calorie stuff than I do some years, and I’m hoping not to be comatose for the next sixteen hours as a consequence. Glad you had a good postprandial nap, though.

  11. So, how’s the post-Thanksgiving food coma recovery coming along? I personally went to bed at 9:30 and woke up 12 hours later.

    I wasn’t quite that bad, but close! I went to bed around 4:30 am, and slept until 2:30 the next afternoon. Being I stayed behind while Tammy went off with our niece to Chessiecon in the Baltimore area (yes, if you’re one of Tamora Pierce’s fans and are in the area, she’d love to see you!) to cat sit for ourselves, Julie’s cats and my office cats, and let our housekeeper who’d lost his keys in, that was…uh, kind of falling down on the job….

  12. Went to sleep about midnight, woke up at 2:30 PM and ate pie for breakfast. Finished off the leftovers. Planning to get up a bit earlier tomorrow now that coma season is over.

  13. Actually, PrivateIron, no.

    Cats know perfectly well that cats rule everywhere, and they are a great deal for anyone like John with field refugees attempting to infiltrate the house. I sympathise with Daisy, but when a cat selects a throne/great place to sleep then thats usually it…

  14. (Belated) Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    I had two T-Day dinners, and only coma’d out on the first; and in both cases ate less than I used to. (Or the plates are bigger. Hard to say.)

    Has Daisy actually tried to sleep in her bed since Spice took it over? Or did she take one look at the interloped ensconced, sigh, and seek out other sleeping arrangements?

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