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2015 in Scamperbeastery

Needless to say, the real big news of 2015 was the arrival at the Scalzi Compound of Sugar and Spice, aka Thing One and Thing Two, aka the Scamperbeasts. They arrived on the first day of November (which means tomorrow is their second monthaversary here)  and have made rather a large splash since then. I […]

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The Big Idea: Lawrence M. Schoen

Here in the last week of December 2015 books are still coming out, and here’s a very interesting one indeed: Barsk, by Lawrence M. Schoen. For the Big Idea behind it, Schoen looks at memory, and what it has to do with you, me, and sentient elephant-like creatures on another planet. LAWRENCE M. SCHOEN: I […]

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And Now, A Personal Ranking of Beatles Albums

Being albums released during the band’s existence, not compilations, etc. Also, this is the UK not the US chronology, with the exception of Magical Mystery Tour, which I understand was released as a double EP in the UK or whatever. 1. Abbey Road 2. Revolver 3. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 4. Rubber Soul […]

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Fun on Twitter, 2015

I spend a lot of time on Twitter! And often I say silly and/or substantial things there, that I then post here for posterity, Twitter being quite intentionally an evanescent medium. Here are some of my favorite long-form Twitter postings of the year, arranged more or less chronologically. Monty Python and the Holy Livetweet In […]

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This Year’s Selection of Christmas Stories

I have a few! Here are some, for you to pass the time with this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The Ten Least Successful Christmas Specials of All Time Interview with the Nativity Innkeeper 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Holiday Music Script Notes on the Birth of Jesus Interview with Santa’s Reindeer […]

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