In which two science fiction authors turn the greatest science fictional saga of all time into… another dysfunctional holiday family dinner.

(Because it’s long, and there are other things I am promoting today, I’m putting it on the other side of a cut. If you’re coming through from the front page of Whatever, click through, it’s worth it.)


  1. My memory has faded over the years (Mercifully!), but I’m pretty sure this was a lot better than the official Star Wars holiday special.

  2. It occurs to me that we’re witnessing the emergence of an entirely new form of improv humor: “sit-down humor?” “Keyboard Komedians?” Imagine if George and Gracie or Bud and Lou had never met F2F but had Twitter.

  3. Y’all two guys are warped. I love it.
    This is the fabled Scalzi and Wendig, Wendig and Scalzi, Pi(e) Episode mentioned in the Journal of the Whills. ;)
    Even as a kid, I knew that holiday special was uneven as anything, but I still liked it. I might even like it more than Episodes I to III.

  4. As someone with one hand, I am always glad to see a little dismemberment. I need the consulting work – in this case, half-off, a five-finger discount, a steal as it were…. C’mon, folks, imagine the joy if you just gave a hand,,,,

    (I can easily see Scalzi as the weird uncle that rants about the gold standard and related topics. That is why his stuff is so good (except maybe, Redshirts).)

  5. Sooz: I saw 2001 when it first came out. Skype is the new vidphone, but where the hell have Pan Am and HoJo’s gone?

  6. >*and kind of a weird uncle*
    I always thought of him more as *a kind, weird uncle”, but your (speeder) mileage may vary.

  7. I’m going to display my internet ignorance and ask for a link because I can’t find one.

  8. Susan: I couldn’t see it either on Firefox. Loaded the page in IE and the comedy appeared.

  9. Major improvement over anything else I have read about Star Wars Holidays, make sure they make this canon.

  10. But showed up perfectly on Chrome on my android phone. Whahhhh???

    OTOH, it is hysterically funny. Love the bit about the WD-40.

  11. Still a better holiday story than The Star Wars Holiday Special.

    (Of which my wife and I own two copies, so you know we know what we’re talking about.)

  12. Dang, it’s over. And I was hoping somebody would squeeze in something about Itchy and his holographic… uh… assistant.

    (If there’s somebody here who doesn’t get the reference, trust me, you don’t want to know. No, really, you don’t.)

  13. Shouldn’t you be working on one of those 13 novels you promised Tor. The Indentured Servitude Contract you signed may have the typical provision for public flogging if you slack off too much.

  14. @all thanks for the tech tips. Wonderful stuff, John. Has Lucas been by with a check and a contract (or, more likely, a lawyer and cease-and-desist order) yet?

  15. What am I doing wrong? I clicked on ‘Read’ to see the story, but it only took me to comments.

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