Whatever Holiday Shopping Guide 2015, Day Three: Arts, Crafts, Music and More

The Whatever Holiday Shopping Guide 2015 continues, and today we move away from books and focus on other gifts and crafts — which you can take to mean just about any other sort of thing a creative person might make: Music, art, knitting, jewelry, artisan foodstuffs and so on. These can be great, unique gifts for special folks in your life, and things you can’t just get down at the mall. I hope you see some cool stuff here.

Please note that the comment thread today is only for creators to post about their gifts for sale; please do not leave other comments, as they will be snipped out to keep the thread from getting cluttered. Thanks!

Creators: Here’s how to post in this thread. Please follow these directions!

1. Creators (of things other than books) only. This is an intentionally expansive category, so if you’ve made something and have it available for the public to try or buy, you can probably post about in this thread. The exception to this is books (including comics and graphic novels), which have two previously existing threads, one for traditionally-published works and one for non-traditionally published works (Note: if you are an author and also create other stuff, you may promote that other stuff today). Don’t post if you are not the creator of the thing you want to promote, please.

2. Personally-created and completed works only. This thread is specifically for artists and creators who are making their own unique works. Mass-produceable things like CDs, buttons or T-shirts are acceptable if you’ve personally created what’s on it. But please don’t use this thread for things that were created by others, which you happen to sell. Likewise, do not post about works in progress, even if you’re posting them publicly elsewhere. Remember that this is supposed to be a gift guide, and that these are things meant to be given to other people. Also, don’t just promote yourself unless you have something to sell or provide, that others may give as a gift.

3. One post per creator. In that post, you can list whatever creations of yours you like, but allow me to suggest you focus on your most recent creation. Note also that the majority of Whatever’s readership is in the US/Canada, so I suggest focusing on things available in North America.

4. Keep your description of your work brief (there will be a lot of posts, I’m guessing) and entertaining. Imagine the person is in front of you as you tell them about your work and is interested but easily distracted.

5. You may include a link to a sales site if you like by using standard HTML link scripting. Be warned that if you include too many links (typically three or more) your post may get sent to the moderating queue. If this happens, don’t panic: I’ll be going in through the day to release moderated posts. Note that posts will occasionally go into the moderation queue semi-randomly; Don’t panic about that either.

6. As noted above, comment posts that are not from creators promoting their work as specified above will be deleted, in order to keep the comment thread useful for people looking to find interesting work.

Now: Tell us about your stuff!

101 Comments on “Whatever Holiday Shopping Guide 2015, Day Three: Arts, Crafts, Music and More”

  1. Fabric home goods handmade by a geek (me) for geeks and geek allies. Some of it mainstream, some based on SF/F or nerdiness, like cross stitch wall art with the quote “We are not things”, hot pink Tardis-inspired lavender sachets, or small cross-body bags with a spectrograph-inspired accent stripe. Lots of bright colors to fight the winter gloom.

    Made in a smoke- and pet-free home. Ready to ship right away. Also supporting my fellow (geeky) women by donating a portion of the proceeds to Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media.

    Shop at Etsy; see the Playfully Grownup Home website for more info. (Make sure to get a 20% off discount code from the blog!)

    Thanks for reading, and thank you, John, for hosting. Happy holidays to all!

  2. I’m Donna Nolen-Weathington and I make polymer clay image transfer jewelry using my own photography and also in collaboration with other artists. Then I take those pendants and create necklaces matching the stones and chains to the mood of the artwork. My website is http://www.orbitalsjewelry.com

  3. Hey everyone,
    I’m a Texas-based cameraslinger, specializing in travel, landscape and wildlife photography. My most popular items at the holidays are my photo calendars, which you can see here:

    Josh Trudell Imagery 2016 Calendars

    Because you are awesome, use the code KOALA2016 to get $5 off any calendar.

    Thanks very much for the opportunity, John! Happy Holidays!

  4. Hi there – I’m Ben Gerber, creator of the card game Village Idiot, a fast, trick taking game of medieval village politics! The physical game runs $6.75 and you can also download a Print and Play PDF for free.

    Life in a medieval village can be very political. On one side you have the Mayor – respected, powerful, able to affect real change. On the other side you have the Village Idiot.

    Challenge other players to a battle of skill and luck. Add to the rules of the game as you seize power but beware! No one is above the law. Claw your way to the top and do your best to stay there in this fast, fun, trick taking game with a twist! Village Idiot plays in less than an hour for 3-10 people. You’ll be jumping right out of your seat!

    Based on several classic party games, Village Idiot combines trick taking, rules making and six rounds of play with every round progressively changing as players build upon the basic rules.

    Easy to learn as all of the rules fit on two standard, poker sized cards. Village Idiot can be played with family or friends and be as fun or as cutthroat as you want it to be!

  5. Hello I’m Elizabeth Nirenberg currently in Omaha, Nebraska and I paint with acrylics. I really enjoy color so I have a wide range of artwork. I have just started an etsy shop here :
    I will be adding some more art during this week. Check out my Twitter @enirenbergart to see more!
    Thanks for the opportunity and for looking around!

  6. Don’t run away at the word “lace” – it’s pretty, sure, but it’s also geometry! ;) I focus on decor and jewelry in ridiculously bright and fun colors, with a few old-fashioned pieces too. Earrings, bracelets, doilies, coasters, dishtowels – plus ornaments for the holidays!

    A little retro-kitsch, a little mahou-shoujo : Cyan & Sepia Home

  7. Blooddrop Clothing & Fineries http://www.blooddrop.com
    I am a one woman business specializing in Art Nouveau, neo-Victorian, Gothic, Pagan, Franco-American, Equestrian (horse! horses! horses!) and quirky-themed perfumes, natural bath & beauty products, home accoutrements, one of a kind Carry-Alls, jewelry, as well as very special custom corsetry. My degree in fine art and my love for beauty, humor, and herding cats often shows in my work, minus the hairballs. I hope you will stop by to visit my little boutique! Not only will you receive fabulous items, but packages are treated with love and extra handling, bringing you a lovely present to your mail box! xoxox

  8. My wife and I make hand made greeting cards. The large size is 5″x7″ and they are great for the holidays or to frame as works of art. Each card is made using hand rolled strips of paper that are then shaped and glued to the page. Take a look at all the unique items that we stock on our website @ http://thecreativequillshop.com/. We also offer custom work for weddings, birthdays, etc. Thanks for checking us out and thanks to John for giving us a chance to reach a wider audience!

  9. I’m Elise Matthesen, also known as Lioness, and I make jewelry. The Current List of All the Shinies has pieces with druzy, dinosaur bone, tektite, octopus charms, interesting names, and so forth.

    References available from Elizabeth Bear, Sarah Monette, Jo Walton, Emma Bull, Ruthanna Emrys, Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman, Greg van Eekhout, and many others. Honor your inner magpie!

    P.S. More Winterfair planet pendant beads are coming — and Lois herself has said, “Hey, those are like the ones in my book!” (I made her big awards necklace, in case you’ve seen a photo of that.)

  10. With a shout-out to Samuel Montgomery-Blinn of Bull-Spec Magazine, who alerted me to this before I opened it in Feedly:

    This year I released my second CD of (mostly) original music, entitled DISTORTED VISION. About half of the tunes on the album are science-fiction-and-fantasy-related, such as “Ten Thousand Years Ago,” “The Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries,” “The Faded Coat of Brown,” and “Dead Dog Party.” You can hear the songs, purchase a download copy, or order a physical CD on Bandcamp: http://grayrinehart.bandcamp.com/.

    This album is a follow-up to 2013’s TRUTHS AND LIES AND MAKE-BELIEVE, from which two songs were played on the “Dr. Demento” show: “Another Romulan Ale” and “Tauntauns to Glory.”

    Hope you like what you hear! And whatever you celebrate, I hope you celebrate it well!

  11. I create pottery and watercolors. My website is http://www.cogitation.org, where you can view both. Yes, I ship!

    I also offer classes at my studio in Lowell, MA, in a building with 300 other artists (the largest artists’ colony under one roof on the East Coast US): http://www.westernavenuestudios.com; we have open studios the first Saturday of every month. Come visit!

    I particularly recommend to fans my yarn bowls: perfect for the knitters who also have cats. I also do custom work. If you love animal fairy tales, I am currently working on a watercolor and ink series; so far, I have completed The Talking Fish, The Billy Goats Gruff, The Lion and the Mouse, The Little Red Hen, The Ant and the Grasshopper, The Frog Prince, and The Tortoise and the Hare. I am currently working on Puss in Boots. Each comes complete with the story.

  12. Hey, I take photos (mostly landscapes of New England) which you can have printed onto a huge variety of products in addition to high quality art prints, and I also make girly, nature inspired headbands/flower crowns and Christmas ornaments on Etsy(there will be more products coming before Christmas including matching hair accessories for little girls and their dolls). I’ll link to my Redbubble site because it has all the links to all my stuff in one place.

  13. Hey there geeks! My website is http://www.geekiana.com and I design and screen print on t-shirts, bags, scarves and things for geeks who like Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Firefly just to name a few. I’m running a CYBER MON sale so if you sign up for my email list you will get a coupon code that’s good on everything on my site! Stop by, won’t you, and get your geek on. Literally.

  14. Thank you for this chance to promote my work!

    Some of you will have seen me previously at cons around Texas and the Southeast, or at Worldcons – I was at Denvention and Renovation and Lonestarcon 3, and at Sasquan this year.

    I make beaded jewelry using mostly stone, glass, and organic materials (pearls/shell, bone, amber, jet, etc.) with sterling silver and gold-filled accents. I also have inexpensive sterling silver earrings and pendants targeted to a geeky crowd – fairies, computers, and rockets, oh my! I venture into fiber arts as well, with hand-braided Japanese-style kumihimo cords used in pendants and bracelets.

    See these things and more at my website: Starcat Designs

    My prices range from $15 to $400, but the vast majority of items are in the $20-to-$150 range. Orders of $125 or more get free shipping. Thru December 20, you can also get free shipping via USPS on smaller orders (sorry, US only) by entering the coupon code WHATEVER15 at checkout.

    NOTE 1: My website says I ship to the US and Canada only, but that’s because so many international “orders” for jewelry artists are scams. I trust the people here; if you live outside the US, send me a message via the website (mention this post) and we’ll work something out.

    NOTE 2: I’m having a holiday sale! Items featured on the front page of the website are 15% off.

  15. Instant Attitudes makes and sells T-shirts and bumper stickers designed to appeal to a geeky and educated audience. Some of you will have seen us at cons around the US. Examples:
    – I don’t judge people by their race, religion, color, size, age, gender, or ethnicity. I judge them by their grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation, clarity of expression, and logical consistency.
    – A mind needs books like a knife needs a whetstone, to maintain its edge.
    – Instant Zombie – just add morning!
    – I have NOT lost my mind – it’s backed up on the server! (And the network is down again.)
    – Steampunk means never having to ask, “Is this period?”
    – Alcohol and calculus don’t mix. Never drink and derive.
    – I don’t want to adult today. I don’t even want to human. Today, I want to cat. (with line-art of sleeping kitty)
    – Soft tribble, warm tribble, eating all my lunch. Happy tribble, purring tribble, munch, munch, munch.

    T-shirt price is $19 ($22 including shipping) for sizes S-XL; 2X and up slightly more (reflecting the price difference of the blank shirts). Sizes up to 5X are regularly available, and 6X is available by special order.

    Bumper sticker prices start at $2.50, with price breaks at 3, 12, and 20 stickers. We sometimes get orders in which it’s clear that the whole office, or the whole gaming group, has gone in on an order to get the bulk pricing.

    The payment structure is… a little antiquated. There’s no shopping cart, although there are PayPal purchase buttons on the T-shirts. For bumper stickers, we advise sending an e-mail with the list of what you want so that we can check availability; then we’ll send you a total price with shipping and a PayPal link; we also accept checks and money orders by mail. If you live outside the US, please contact us about any order before sending payment – international shipping costs are wildly variable.

  16. I’m a traditional portrait artist, specializing in charcoal and colored pencil drawings. I’m open for commissions for the holiday season. I have a listing on Etsy for a 8×10 custom portrait with some of my previous work pictured: https://www.etsy.com/listing/246782072/custom-portrait-commission-8×10?ref=shop_home_active_12
    You can see more of my work here: http://jessicamckelvin.com
    I’m more than willing to work on smaller or larger work, and I’ve recently done a few ATC’s. Feel free to contact me for a quote on different sizes.

  17. My mother fashions handmade items that make great holiday gifts, such as matching hat-and-scarf sets, jewelry, blankets, baby items, Christmas-themed aprons, and 18″ doll (e.g., American Girl doll) clothes. Her Etsy storefront is here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/sara7844

  18. Hello. I’m Kelly and I’m one of the sisters in Two Sisters Teddy Bear Co.

    We make unique hand knit stuffed animals for kids of all ages. From the biggest bear to the smallest bunny, our animals are the perfect size for a child to hold onto and love. Soft and cuddly, they’re perfect for snuggles and hugs. They fit comfortably into small hands and are light enough to be easily carried into any adventure or to be held and snuggled against little chests.

    Knit with love, in our Exclusive Friends line we use luxurious, high end yarns. Cruelty free brushed Mink, the softest Cashmere, baby Llama, Alpaca, luxury Merino Wool, Silk and Angora just to name a few. Most of these friends are stuffed with 100% wool sourced from Salt Spring Island. All of these animals are a delight to touch and hold and are the softest cuddle buddies you can find.

    All of our friends are perfect as a baby shower, birthday or Christmas gift, for a new mom or a child of any age looking for a friend to love. All of our animals are lovely as keepsakes, but are even more happy when they’re taken off the shelf and involved in every day adventures.

    You can find us here at our etsy shop. Use the code word SCALZI2015 to get 10% off your order until January 1 2016.

  19. Travel to fairy-tale lands, across desert islands, and through monster-filled seas, in search of adventure, with the aid of my maps… See towering castles, smugglers’ hideouts, pirate ships, steampunk submarines, and creatures of all kinds… Using dip pens and brushes with India ink and watercolor, I make original imaginary maps, treasure maps, and fantasy art for storytellers, adventurers and pirates of all ages.


  20. I’m Stentor Danielson, an artist specializing in maps. My most popular item is a series of prints of fantasy-style maps of real places. I have over 80 customizable prints available in my Etsy shop, as well as the option to commission a new map of a place I haven’t done yet. My shop is http://www.etsy.com/shop/Mapsburgh

  21. My name is Marnie Karger, and I like to cut paper while I listen to Scalzi’s audiobooks. I make pretty cool maps by cutting and layering colored cardstock to render the bathymetric data of lakes, coastlines, and other waterways, real or fictional. It’s artistic, it’s geeky, and it often makes the perfect gift for the person who has everything and wants nothing — you know who I mean. Check me out at: http://www.crafterall.com

  22. When not lurking at Whatever, I’m Off Center Ceramics , making functional handmade stoneware pottery. I throw everything on the potters wheel, paint each piece freehand in a variety of bird and animal patterns (over 80 at last count) using long-tipped, handmade brushes (roadkill squirrels fear me).

    You can check out the forms and patterns at my website, then click the Contact link to arrange shipment of your Whimsical and Functional ware to you or your giftees from always-sunny Eugene, Oregon.

  23. I am artist Susan Schroder and my work will whisk you away to the far reaches of your imagination!
    I work in a variety of mediums including traditional watercolors and drawings, photographic art and digital painting.
    My whimsical artwork will take you to fantastical places…..are you ready to go?

    Start your journey here: http://www.susanschroder.com

  24. I’m Holly Morningstar. I create figurative watercolor paintings rooted in personal emotions, and expressed through steampunk and fantastical elements. A lot of my pieces have mythological and pop culture references. You may have seen my work at DragonCon and other science fiction and anime conventions in the US.

    My work (and prints of my work) can be purchased through my Etsy shop:


  25. I make geeky embroidered things, from buttons and earrings to art you can put on your wall. I also have cross stitch patterns for those who want to sew their own. I have a lot of Doctor Who and Tolkien things, but also a handful of other fandoms and memes. And if you like a design but want it in a slightly different form (a keychain, an unframed piece so you can frame it yourself, a different colour, etc), send me a message and I can probably oblige. Thanks for looking!


  26. My new-for-2015 neo-Celtic album Bone Walker has made it past the Recording Academy jury, and we are now officially long-list Grammy nominees! Twice over, actually – one for the the album, one for the track “Kitsune at War” (for arrangement). Listen here:


    Being me, I must re-note that’s the long list, not the shortlist, which hasn’t been decided yet. Regardless, we were amazed to be nominated for jury consideration at all, much less still be being voted on for the shortlist right now!

    We’re on iTunes and Amazon and all that, but it’s 20% off if you go to Bandcamp (the link above) and check out using “cyber2015” as a discount code. And as always, thanks, John, for doing these posts! ^_^

  27. My name is Jaime and I am the owner of Just by Jaime. I want to tell you about my nature photography prints (5×7 and 8×10) and greeting cards that are blank inside.

    My photography makes a great gift and is reasonably priced. I have 13 images taken in Colorado and Wyoming to choose from.

    You can visit my website at http://www.justbyjaime.com and save 20% off purchases of $10 or more with the code CF2015.

    I also sell handmade hair accessories, badge reels, key chains, and more. Have a great day!

  28. Thanks for the chance to get the word out, Scalzi!

    I hand-bind blank books – they make great journals, sketchbooks, pocket notebooks, etc.

    Some of them have comic book covers – as in, actual comic book pages, varnished and used to cover the book! Covers currently available include: Captain Marvel, Batman, Wonder Woman, Ms. Marvel, X-Men, Deadpool, and Hellboy.

    Hand-binding means that these books will take a real beating and still hold onto their pages. You can find them all in Etsy shop!

    For more info on my binding process and to see my other services (including custom work and book repair), please check out my website.

  29. Hey, I’m Kat and I run Jinglysticks! I make hairsticks and other jewelry as well, most of them with a geeky slant. You’ll find everything from Marvel to Alice in Wonderland inspired items in my shop, and I’m always willing to take commissions and make a custom item just for you!

    Check me out on etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Jinglysticks

  30. I am Gina LaMonte aka Mama Gina, Fearless Bard and Folk Artist. I tour the US sharing my all-original songs of nature, spirit and the human condition – some serious – some silly. You can find my music at http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/MamaGina

    singer/songwriter & wanderlust … fearless story-telling … bluesy vocals … humor … straight-ahead, rhythmic, 12 string acoustic guitar … djembe … frame drums … all weft and warp of the soul of this bard

    Much gratitude to Scalzi for his generous spirit!

  31. I’m a sculptor and mosaic artist best known for my line of firebowls.

    Sculptural Firebowls handmade by artist John T. Unger are luxury fire features valued for exceptional beauty, craftsmanship and design. American made firepits, hand cut from 100% recycled steel, John T. Unger’s Sculptural Firebowls have been featured in The New York Times, HGTV and DIY network.

    View the collection on my website here: http://store.johntunger.com

  32. Hi everybody, and thanks to John for this thread – I’m a calligrapher with a special interest in geeky subjects, from Einstein to Mike Wazowski. Each piece is hand-written from scratch and will look outstanding on any wall. If I don’t have your geek quote of choice, commissions are no trouble and are charged the same as my regular pieces. Ace!

  33. Hi! I’m Tahmi the metalweaver, and I specialize in mixing textiles, metal and glass in my jewelry designs. I’m also a practical Iowa girl, so I’ve also designed clasps that make my jewelry easy to get on and off in the morning all by yourself – even before coffee and glasses! (be sure to watch the videos)

    You can see my work at http://www.tahmi.com. Use coupon code HOLIDAY15 to get 20% off your order until the end of the year.

  34. Hello! I’m a singer/songwriter in Las Vegas. I’ve been turning people’s love letters into songs as gifts for all occasions. You write a simple, “normal”, letter to someone, give it to me, I make it into a song and give you the recording and lyric sheet with guitar chords. All songs ordered by the 7th will be delivered before Christmas. Let me write Your Song, because not all gifts are created equal.

    P.S. Thanks John

  35. I’m Cathy Shouse and my daughter Katelyn and I are waving to John Scalzi and all who attended the awesome NerdCon Stories!

    David Nadelberg read his poem and inspired us to create a drawing of the bagpiper named Mr. Pips.

    Here’s a link to get the T-shirt of Mr. Pips and share the love!

    If you missed the reading, the YouTube video is a must-see!

  36. Hi everybody! I can’t get links right first time due to a seven-generation curse, so: I am a calligrapher of the fine and geeky variety, and each piece is hand-written from scratch. I stock everything from Einstein to Mike Wazowski to Jabberwocky, and if I don’t have your preferred flavour I’m always happy to take a commission, at the same rates as my regular pieces.

  37. First off, thanks much to John Scalzi for this opportunity. My name is Mike Starr and I’m a technical writer… I write user manuals and online help for software. So, I lean toward the geeky in tshirts and I created a cafepress site (with my business name WriteStarr Information Services) to get the tshirts that I wanted for myself. They’re mostly humorous sayings and fun stuff and some of them are also available on cups, mouse pads, clocks, pillows, etc. Feel free to browse my store at http://www.cafepress.com/writestarr. Thanks much.

  38. Hi! I’m Crickett, and I sell cross-stitch patterns of the decidedly geeky and/or profane nature! https://www.etsy.com/shop/CrickettsHouse?ref=hdr_shop_menu
    Occasionally, I even have a kit available for my best selling pattern: Barren Fields. https://www.etsy.com/listing/196761134/barren-field-of-fks-with-people-mature?ref=shop_home_feat_2
    Ok, ok, I’m waiting for the fabric for additional kits to come in. I didn’t think they’d sell that well.

    Oh, and Scalzi, I’ll see you on the ship!

  39. I’m Cher Willems, and I write lyrics with my brother– he just released an album of music we’ve worked on together, in collaboration with lots of other talented folks. We started working together after he had a brain tumor taken out of his head back in 2008– the song “Evil Tangerine” was our first project. The songs are quirky, and it is a real diverse bunch. You can buy a song or two or just listen! http://www.jeffcampmusic.com/album/citrus/

  40. I’m Carole Cole and our cat is an acrylic artist. Yes, I said cat. Hey, I’m just his manager and agent. Three year old Quint has always had a fascination with dabbing and smearing stuff with his big paws. A couple of years ago, he “graduated” from dabbing cat litter on our walls to painting using pet-friendly, water-based acrylic paint on both artist’s paper and small canvas. We’ve sold his original, one-of-a-kind, seasonal works over the past two years to help support no-kill animal shelters, low-income families’ vet bills, and this winter, to purchase a feral cat shelter and feeding stations.

    I know, it sounds odd. Or perhaps it doesn’t and you’ll feel good after visiting Quint’s Art Studio at http://www.colehauscats.bigcartel.com/

    Thank you and thank YOU, John and family. Love to the Scalzi kitties!

  41. HI! I’m Elizabeth and I’m a jeweler working mostly with vitreous enameling (short version: I melt glass onto copper and draw pictures in it). I usually run with sci-fi, fantasy, or nature themes, and usually have pendants, earrings, fancy necklaces and long chains, larger art pieces, and the occasional hair ornament or bobby pin.
    I also have hand-forged functional hair pins in bronze or sterling silver that will hold just about ANY type of hair. If you’ve got enough hair to put up into a bun or twist, these pins will hold it.

    Available pieces can be found at my Etsy storefront at http://www.nightshaderosestudio.etsy.com.

    Thank you so much for this venue!

  42. A set of 6 glossy postcards 3.5 x 5.5″, with my own Irish Knotwork art icons (cat, dog, moon etc.) in 6 different vivid colour combinations. Great for a coordinated display or sending through the mail. Special offer $4.99 for the set. HERE: https://goo.gl/G3In80
    Thanks John, much appreciated!

  43. Is there a Ginger Lover in your life? Are they always the first to go for a Moscow Mule, a Whiskey Ginger, a Hot Toddy, or a refreshing Ginger Beer?

    The perfect gift for your ginger lover is Bozorth Beverages Ginger Beer Syrup. Or, if they really love ginger, Bozorth Beverages Double Ginger Syrup! Just mix with carbonated water and/or your favorite alcohol. As a concentrated syrup, the possibilities are endless.

    Or maybe you don’t know anyone who likes ginger drinks. What about the chef in your life, is there anyone who likes experiment with sweet flavors with a little bit of ginger burn? Bozorth Beverages Double Ginger Syrup makes an excellent base for Teriyaki Sauce, Ginger-Glazed Carrots, Caramel Corn, Ginger Cranberry Sauce (delicious on turkey), and so many other dishes.

    We’re a small company (just my wife and I) based in Portland, Oregon. We got our start making homebrew for friends and relatives, and moved into sodas to take care of our non-beer-drinking friends.

    Our products are all natural, with no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial flavors or sweeteners.

    Check us out at http://www.bozbev.com or go direct to ordering at:

  44. Hi, I’m Barb and I make jewelry. I cut some of my own stones, enjoy fabricating in sterling, and do some basic wire work. I love working with people to make custom pieces. I have a day job in a completely different field and the jewelry helps keep me grounded. I am a regular in the Dealer’s Room at WisCon.


  45. Thanks to my friend Sheryl who let me know about this thread. Looking for some unique, finely crafted, and organic jewelry? All my art is carved in my home from shed antlers (renewable resource, yaaay!). I love carving antler and how it feels in my hands. More so, I love the beauty of the finished creation. :) I am testing out three store fronts and you can see all on my website http://www.bonejeweler.com Thanks for taking a look! I am trying to become a “self-made” woman by selling my art and each purchase helps me with bills, rent, food, pet care, and so on.

  46. Hello Dear Whateverites!

    I’m an illustrator of things such as fluffy velociraptors, anthropomorphized pumpkin spiced lattes, cats full of murderous intents (more than the usual), and the infamous Churrocorn. If someone you know might like such images on things, I have a Society6 shop for such things. I also am taking commissions for more specific gift giving.

    Happy Holiday Shopping!

  47. I love t-shirts with designs on them, but mostly they don’t love me- most designs are done in a crew neck, and in styles that are either too tight or too boxy on my curvy figure. So I started designing shirts and making them for myself. Then my daughters asked for matching shirts… and well, one thing led to another, and now I have an Etsy shop.

    My name above is linked to the shop.

    I’ll also include two direct links here, one to my most popular design, a v-neck with dragonflies:

    And one to what may be my favorite design. It is a “cute girl dinosaur,” developed in collaboration with my six year old daughter who loves dinosaurs AND hair bows and was disappointed she couldn’t find a “girl dinosaur” shirt (yeah, that’s her modeling the shirt, too):

  48. Cake decorated pottery! We make ceramics that are totally functional and amazingly lovely. We use a fine porcelain and throw the pieces on a potter’s wheel, and then decorate them using cake decorating techniques (imagine an actual pastry bag and all the different metal tips, but instead of buttery frosting we use clay). Each bowl, cup or vase feels great and looks elegant—this is art that you are meant to use and enjoy!

    You can buy our pottery at http://www.etsy.com/shop/jampdx

  49. My name is Natasha and I make gluten-free baked goods. Normally I sell only at local farmers markets but I’m working to expand online. I can bake and ship cookies and macarons (the only things that can be shipped well) and I also do gluten-free cookies in a jar, which will come with baking instructions.

    If you are local to within an hour of Queenstown, MD, I can deliver any of the baked goods that I make, which include pies, cakes, cookies, brownies, macarons, bread (yes gluten free!), muffins, or other things like boston creme pie, pumpkin rolls, etc.

    My facebook page is here: https://www.facebook.com/pterasglutenfree/

  50. This year I made an album called The Broadcast. For it I did the play-by-play narration of a full baseball game (Mets vs Marlins) and set that to original music. Each half-inning of the game gets its own song and the whole thing plays in real time, with mock commercials in between innings and everything.

    Furthermore, it’s FUN AND COLLECTIBLE! Instead of going on CD, the release format is a set of 20 baseball cards with pictures of the musicians on them and download codes on the back to unlock the audio for streaming or download. The cards are made to look like classic 1980s baseball cards and are even sold in wax packs (no, there’s no gum). 5 bucks for a pack of 7 cards; collect all 20 for the complete album! Perfect $5 gift for a fan of baseball or creative music (well $6, postage paid).

    Samples: http://www.soundcloud.com/samkulik
    Official site: http://www.samkulik.com/baseball

  51. Hi! I’m Barb and I make handcrafted paper items – greeting cards, coasters, etc. Please check out my website: expressionsbybarb.com Contact me thru my website for custom work.

  52. Dear Folks,

    I’m a photographer. You knew that.

    You can buy my photographs. You knew that, too.

    In case you can’t guess, the URL is:


    Prices range from low hundreds to high thousands.

    Remember, the more you spend on a gift for someone, the more it shows you love them.

    [greedy grin]

    pax / Ctein

  53. Hello! I’m a Brazilian fractal artist. My _Math is Awesome_ t-shirts might be of special interest to geeks (because, hey, math IS pretty awesome and should be celebrated). I also have holiday greetings cards, mugs, bags, pillows, posters, cases and puzzles. My work is up on Zazzle, a site that allows a lot of customization and has affiliates in several countries (like Amazon).


    Thank you for this thread, Mr. Scalzi.

  54. Thank you Scalzi! ^_^

    For the salty pirate, LARPer, costume enthusiast or mask collector in your life, I design and create handmade leather masks and eye patches. I also make some nifty unisex leather cuff bracelets (claspless, to fit a range of wrist sizes), and medieval-style belt pouches perfect for the Renaissance Faire.

    Use the coupon code 20FOR2015 to get 20% off all orders through 12/31!

  55. I custom paint glass ornaments for any and all occassions…Christmas (obviously) weddings,anniversaries, new babies,teachers,quotes or poems,etc.

  56. I’m an artist who paints Goddesses and other Pagan sorts of things. I have prints of my work here: http://www.thaliatook.com/shop/prints.php

    I also do commissions ( http://www.thaliatook.com/AMGG/commissions.php ), although right now I’m in the middle of a big set of them, so if you’d like one now I don’t know that I could get it done for the holidays.

    And I have an etsy store, with various knit critters and the occasional pretty mini quilts: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Imporium

  57. Hi again everybody!
    I write individual calligraphy pieces for geeks, poets and space nuts, quoting everybody from Apollo 13 to Tyrion, with custom pieces too if I’ve missed something. I can be found at my etsy shop. (it works!)

  58. Am I too late?! Did I miss my chance?!

    This thread is a cool idea, and I appreciate that, in addition to writing cool books and jousting with idiots on Twitter for the amusement of all and sundry, you also make space for promoting other folks!

    My name is Rebecca and I make pure castile soap by hand. That’s olive oil soap, with no palm, corn or coconut oils in it, so it’s not drying and it’s way less likely to produce an allergic reaction for folks who have sensitive skin. I began making my own soap because I developed an allergy to the coconut oil that is in so many commercial skin care products, and I chose olive oil so that I wouldn’t participate in the environmental devastation caused by palm oil production.

    I mostly sell local and in person, at farmer’s markets and craft markets, but I do have an Etsy shop where I sell bath bars and convenient sample sizes!

    You can find out more about my soaps at http://somesoapworks.com/
    And you can see what’s in stock at https://www.etsy.com/shop/SomervilleSoapWorks

    Thanks for the opportunity to signal boost!

  59. I’m Lamia, and I rhinestone all the things.

    Shoes, phone cases, sparkly headpieces, corsets, coffee travel cups, evening purses, diaper bags, lipstick cases, makeup brushes, baby shoes, anything that can be blinged, I bling.

    I also make faerie headpieces, and an assortment of stitch markers. Please take a moment to look at my etsy page and see what I have for offer.

    Special sparkly orders welcomed https://www.etsy.com/shop/LamiaCreations

  60. Hi, I’m Meredith Dillman and I create colorful fantasy and fairy art and illustration – including fairies, foxes, kitsune, mermaids, and tarot. My art is popular with young girls, and for budding artists have written two watercolor fairy how-to-paint books that make great gifts.
    My website and shop are at http://www.meredithdillman.com/

  61. Hello! I am an artist. I have worked with many different media but my favorite is digital watercolor. I have created a line of laminated digital prints (Giclee) that I call DurableArt because they are waterproof, food proof, etc,and can be used as things like placemats or dry erase boards (or a variety of other things) and still look nice.

    They can be found here:


  62. I am an artist and publisher of fantasy coloring books for grownups (since before it was cool…). If someone on your shopping list loves mermaids, fairies, dragons, zombies, dark fantasy, sea serpents, bellydancing, fairy tales, or songgryphons (teeny, adorable gryphons!), you are sure to find something to enchant them at Ellen Million Graphics. I’ve got three solo books in the lineup, Fantastrix, Dotminatrix, and From the Deep, and I do all the printing locally. Pages are single-sided, and the artwork is detailed and intricate, for serious coloristas – or art collectors!

    Thanks for hosting this shopping guide! (I debated putting this in with the books, but I decided that was for books you read, not books you color. I’m happy to move this if you feel it’s more appropriate elsewhere!)

  63. Want a Quickie for Christmas?
    Hello. I have created my first card game. It is a fast-paced, easy-to-learn, hilarious, and informative party game called QUICKIE: The STD Card Game. “The game that’s gone viral.”
    It’s a fun blend of humor and real-world information. Includes “Stay Home and Masturbate” cards……and Crabs too. It’s a hoot.
    Available for purchase at http://www.amazon.com/QUICKIE-The-STD-Card-game/dp/B00XFK5QME/ref
    Like on Facebook and find more info at http://www.QuickieSTDcardgame.com
    Thanks everyone, especially John Scalzi.

  64. I’ve developed a bunch of Mac, PC, iOS and Apple TV apps your readers might be interested in.
    For collectors of orchids, or cacti and succulents, I’ve created Orchid Album and Cactus Album. These apps are both available on iOS, and Orchid Album also has a PC version. They allow you to track watering and create log entries, in addition to all the relevant details of the plants themselves. There’s also Bonsai Album, available on iOS, Mac, and PC (coming soon to Android).

    For gamers, there’s the world’s best and only flying jackalope game, Flapalope, available on iOS, Mac, and Apple TV. This is my first game, and I think it turned out pretty well.

    Lastly, I also have record-keeping apps for artists and art collectors (Artwork Tracker, on Mac and iOS) and writers (Story Tracker, on iOS, Mac, and PC).

    You can find more information, trial versions, and App Store links on my website: http://andrewnicolle.com

    Thanks for the opportunity, John!

  65. I have an etsy shop selling sculpted wire jewelley made from sterling silver, precious stones, and anything else I happen to find interesting and shiny. I just got a big batch of remaindered beads and findings from a big jewellery company, so there will be lots going online in the near future! https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/StellarMagpie

  66. Good day, ungentle readers. At my etsy shop you’ll find goofy t-shirts featuring tardigrades/water bears and also some hand-made pottery of the whimsical variety. I’ve created what I call ‘cactoids’, which are cactus planters of a figurative nature. They’re fun and unique. Please take a gander.