The Kittens Sign Off for the Weekend

As do I. See you on Monday!

18 Comments on “The Kittens Sign Off for the Weekend”

  1. May I recommend a book? I wasn’t reading it in the Gift Book time slot. I stayed up past midnight last night finishing it. Even Stephen King can’t do that for me these days. I know, he had to quit drinking for his health, I don’t begrudge him, but he did lose the muse along with the booze. And so I give you Krampus, the Yule Lord, by Brom! This guy can make you see the viewpoint of, and even have a bit of compassion for, a guy who drags a child across the floor by the hair. He can make you root for a demon battling Santa Claus. I could not predict the plot twists. That’s rare when you’ve been reading for 53 years! Buy Krampus today. I don’t know how much the real book costs but Amazon’s Kindle version is $1.99.

    Oh. And on Christmas Eve, put a pair of shoes filled with candy out by the door. It’s a good idea. Trust me.

  2. I have been left to wonder all weekend why the bear in the front page picture is wearing headphones on his cheeks & not on his ears. SIGH

  3. The “kittens” appear to have gone on a bit of a bender. Suppose ’tis the season for an acid fueled catnip freakout

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