Today’s New Books and ARCs, 12/4/15

And here is the first collection of new books and ARCs of December! What looks good to you? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. On the one hand, Dark State is the sequel to Charlie’s worst series. On the other hand that series kept improving as it went and “bad” Stross is still better than most people’s good stuff. So yeah ship it out here if you don’t need it.

  2. I loved the two Charles Stross ‘Eschaton’ novels, Singularity Sky and Iron Sunrise so Dark State will most definitely find a home in my collection!

  3. Nebula Awards Showcase 2015, edited by Greg Bear – who just so happens to be one of my favorite SF authors of all time. (Been hooked on his work since Eon.) Sure, he’s just the editor, but his involvement is tempting me buy a copy . . .

  4. There’s a fourth book in Jim Hines’ Magic ex Libra series? *quietly squeeing* I’ll put in a request to the library that it be purchased (they’ve got the first three, so there’s a good chance they’ll get the fourth). Also want to read Nebula Awards Showcase, 2015.

  5. The font designs on the Pathfinder – Bloodbound book look fantastic. Well, you *did* ask what looks good to us. ;p

    A friend online recommended Jim C. Hines’ books and blog to me, and although his books are still in the Tower Of To Be Read, they sound great, based on his blog posts, ideas, and two essay anthologies, “Invisible #1 and #2.”

    I would tend to be partial to a short story anthology, such as the Nebula winners. I love short stories.

  6. @bluecatship: Oh. Thank you. (And oh, right, another reason I should be keeping up with LiveJournal, he’s on my friends list there and I’d have seen that. (too much fibroflaring in the last few months, and some things have just… dropped. *sigh*))

    Also, got the library request for purchase done… I think they’ve acquired everything I’ve requested, and I’ve been doing that for >9 years now. It may help that I first look up the book on Amazon, and add publisher info and ISBN at the start of the “additional notes” section of the request form.

  7. @PrivateIron: did you read the edited and re-released version of that series? That’s a bit better than the original. He cleaned up some of the dialogue and excised much of the “last time, in $BOOK” filler material because it’s a proper trilogy now instead of six books. Something on the order of 100k words taken out.

  8. Eagle in Exile should be good. I enjoyed the first book in the series. The first was an odd alternate history, but an interesting one.

  9. The TV tie-in cover for Elfstones is not only not as obnoxious as promotional tie-ins usually are, but in this case it’s actually an improvement over the old cover!

  10. New Hines? New Stross? DO WANT. As a library staffer, I can quietly vote them in on the order list.

  11. Stross!

    glwilson, selection librarians must love you. ISBNs, yes. Keep up the good work!

  12. Aww, Shannera – I read those in high school! I want to get my paws on Rouges, apparently it has the backstory of Bast in the Kingskiller chronicles (Rothfuss) in it…!

  13. “Dark State” ARC is already out? Squeee!
    One of my favorite series, the “second generation” one should be fun. I think he’s trying to use a different SF/F genre for every volume.

  14. Monica: Thank you! (I sometimes joke that I must have been a librarian in a past life – that, or maybe currently am one in an alternate universe.)

  15. I have no idea what it is and never heard of the author, but I like title, The Cold Between. Is Bonesteel a real name or a psuedonym? Either way it’s also great.

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