Daily Archives: December 9, 2015

And Now, a Reminder That Today is the Last Day to Order Signed, Personalized Books From Me for the Holidays, and So You’ll Remember, Here Are the Scamperbeasts

It’s true! Both Spice (foreground) and Sugar (hazy background) want to you to know that you have until 9pm Eastern tonight to get your orders in for signed, personalized books from me for holiday gifts, from my local independent bookstore. After today, you can still call in and ask for signed books, but they won’t […]

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The Big Idea: Carol Berg

How do you know you are you? And if you don’t know, are you really you at all? Carol Berg ponders those questions in her novel Ash and Silver, and in today’s Big Idea. CAROL BERG: There are many literary tropes that I love, especially those that characterize fantasy fiction. Mistaken identity, the innocent who […]

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