This is What December 14, 2015 Looks Like in Ohio

My part of Ohio, anyway. And yes, it’s a little ridiculous.

What’s really cool is that I almost never see north-facing rainbows. Much more likely to see them to the east or west generally, and when the sun is low enough in the south to allow them in the north (i.e., in December and January), the weather doesn’t usually cooperate. This may in fact be the first one I’ve seen.

Happy December!

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  1. For context, you should post what the sky looked like two hours before and after that photo. Much more typical December-in-Ohio shots, those.

  2. That is a strange picture. It reminds of the one where you boosted the low amplitude region of the raw file. I take it you didn’t do that here?

  3. Awesome photo. it was stormy, windy, rainy, grey, dark, all yesterday and the day before, here. Sunny and warm today, but not as weirdly too-warm as last week, for here. The weather fortune tellers say we’re supposed to get more rain at the end of this week. Dunno if we’ll get cold weather this Christmas. It can vary wildly here. (Houston.)

  4. I’m quietly chuckling over here in warm and sticky Sydney where we may well not see another cloud before February. No rainbows today though!

  5. Follow the Yellow Brick Road . . . It’s weirdly warm here in the nation’s capital. No rainbows. Only honking traffic down below.

  6. Indeed; it’s really very spiffy. I feel even sorrier for those pitiable little snowflakes who arrived too early for the party, and whose artistic aspirations are now crushed still further by the arrival of the multi talented rainbow…

  7. Huh, at first I thought it was that all orangey picture above the text.
    I guess Ohio’s air has improved since I was in college there in the late 1960s.
    I hear the Black Rver has quit catching fire too.

  8. Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, there’s a blizzard that I heard of once in a lullaby

  9. I turned “rainbow” into a moderated word after my cat died, to avoid that damned “Rainbow Bridge” poem, and forgot to remove it later, causing a lot of posts to go into moderation. Released now. Sorry about that, folks.

  10. Yesterday, in Washington DC, it was 70F. I mowed the lawn.

    Granted, one of the reasons I ~like~ it here is that, as far as my midwestern sensibilities are concerned, it makes a total mockery of the word ‘winter’. But this is a little much.

  11. As someone who has lived in Ohio all her life, all I can say is that we are SO going to pay for this good weather sometime this winter. Probably a blizzard in March or April. Ohio. It always gets you.

  12. Just so we have no misconceptions – you and your warm weather disgust me. Lily-livered wimps living where the water won’t freeze and you can pass out drunk on the lawn and wake up alive in the morning. Don’t mind me – I’ll just be shoveling my car out from two feet of snow.

  13. I accidentally turned Ohio into Iowa, making my little haiku-type thingee even more confusing then I intended. Apologies to all and to L. Frank Baum.

  14. Yeah, amazing weather… great picture. Temps made it into the bottom of the 70s here in VA. Picked flowers for the table… camellias. Azaleas are starting to open. Freeze coming this week-end, however.
    Just wanted to thank you 9again) for your post from 5 years ago. I repost it every year. One of my favorite posts ever: An Interview with an Innkeeper. True brilliance.
    Happy Solstice! – the REAL reason for the Season!

  15. A five hour drive west of Winnipeg we have snow almost sufficient to hide grass; this is not for lack of snowing (as sometimes happens because it’s too flippin’ cold for snow to happen from December 1 through Easter) but because the stuff keeps melting. Strange winter, and Bonelady’s foreboding is on many minds here, too.

    Fabulous picture, though.

  16. Great picture! It can be difficult to get good photographs of rainbows and sky haloes, because of low contrast against a generally bright sky.

    We’ve been having unseasonably warm weather in Massachusetts too; it’s light-jacket weather. Last winter, the really brutal snow was mostly after the New Year, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it won’t be that bad again.

  17. Beautiful place, beautiful photo, but there’s something basically Wrong…. oh, yes, no holes in the green lawn for the sprinker heads.

  18. Nice shot. Good seeing since you probably had to run to find the proper viewing point for this composition. Nice processing too.

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