In My Copious Spare Time I Make Fake Album Covers for My Kittens’ Fake Band

This is the cover to their underrated fourth album. And before anyone asks, their band name predates their “Scamperbeast” nickname. You have to keep the gags consistent, folks.

Admit it. You’d buy this album.

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  1. Sure, the music itself is great, but the mixing sounds like someone just randomly walked across the sound board.

  2. Well, of course you buy the fourth album. I mean, that’s the traditional pattern: the first album is always a mind-blower, discovery of a fresh talent. Second album is more polished but somehow lacks that raw honesty and hunger you heard on the first one. Third album is a bloated, overproduced mess of indulgence. And then the fourth is stripped down, return-to-form that almost captures what was great about the first, while also bringing in a more mature sensibility.

  3. Finally, something worthwhile comes out of the new book contract.

    (Just kidding, love all your books!)

  4. My cats just added this to their holiday wish list. The only other thing on their list right now is more empty boxes to sleep in.

  5. Okay, this is sheer, unmitigated cuteness. And it’s cool to see other people being daft about their furry family members.

    And does anyone here like to change song lyrics to reflect the point of view of their pets? For instance, “If you can’t bite the one you love, honey, bite the one you’re with…”

    Or am I just weird?

  6. Straight outa Bradford.

    John, do you plan to get a puppy to assist with the scampering? After all, “The trouble with a kitten is that/Eventually it becomes a cat,” and cats aren’t big on scampering. It wastes valuable sleeping time. A puppy would fill the scampergap.

  7. I heard their opening act was Josie and the Pussycats.

    What wsa that publicity flap about Lassie, Scooby-Doo, Astro, and Muttley, caught listening to the Scamperbeasts / The Kittehs on thei iPods?

    So, are they dating Garfield and Heathcliff?

    Why won’t Snoopy return their calls?

  8. Bands change their names all the time. They just need to have a highly-publicized breakup, followed by a reunion under a different name (The Vicious Scamperbeats, seewhatIdidthere) to show that they’re entering a new stage in their artistic lives.

  9. Some songs from the album:

    “Stairway to Ceiling Cat”
    “Where Has All the Catnip Gone?”
    “This Bed is My Bed (It Isn’t Your Bed)”
    “Bug Hunting Rhapsody”
    “Don’t Spay Me, Bro”

  10. Wasn’t this album a response to the Yellow Labs’ album, ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie’? I heard the third song from ‘Let It Sleep’, ‘Show Me Lap, Mama,’ was a direct fang-in-cheek dig at the dawgy band.

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