My World is Awesome

From dream to reality in no time flat!

Perfect. Just, absolutely perfect. I could not be more pleased.

Ironically, as this was going down on Twitter, a bunch of MRAs/bigots/pathetic reactionaries were trying to impugn my manhood over there in various unimpressive ways. I trust my absolute delight at this picture communicates my concern about measuring up to their silly definitions of masculinity.


Two more contributions!

Serious, my life is cool.

30 Comments on “My World is Awesome”

  1. I actually was imagining something more like a belt-fed kitteh grenade launcher, but this is just as good. Thanks!

  2. I love it when some clueless person tries to impugn someone else’s manhood on the Internet. The evil part of me looks forward to the inevitable day that some wiser person informs them that by projecting their own fears, they have just announced to THE ENTIRE INTERNET how terribly insecure they are about their own masculinity.

  3. I love it!

    However, like Steve, I wonder why people are so clueless that they don’t understand that they are drawing attention to their own inadequacy; somewhere down the line someone must have tried to explain this, but it’s bounced off.

  4. Congratulations, Scalzi! Not every man can rock a flaming tutu. But you, sir, are one of the the few.

    But do be careful where you point those kittens-of-mass-destruction!

    Hmmmm. This causes me to wonder … Is it possible that science has been wrong all along? Was the extinction of the dinosaurs actually caused by rampaging kittens?

  5. I have to admit that I printed out the pic by @lartist so I could color in all the relevant bits. This depiction of you is just to perfect to be true.

  6. The last one by Bicycle Repairman reminds me of Neil Gaiman’s head what with the hair and sunglasses. My favourite is still Lar’s drawing though. Keep inspiring the awesome.

  7. Better watch it, John. We don’t know if the space-time continuum can accommodate such a concentration of awesome. You could quite easily cause a rupture and bury us all in hairballs and scorched tarlatan.

  8. A dog obviously designed that shoulder-fired “cat splat” device. What’s its range, BTW?

  9. Your life IS cool. And very bizarre.

    (And for the record, I too thought that last one was Gaiman coming after you for a kitty to kitty shootout…)

  10. Not only King of the SJWs but on-demand fantasy art for FREE? Damn, you got the Internets nailed! Kudos to all 3 artists!

  11. (Apologies for the double-post, but I just noticed this and they’re on different topics, which I hope helps…)

    I note that the first Tweet is actually a subtweet. Are you back to vanity searching yourself again or did you have 2000 people tell you about it in those four minutes?

  12. OK, Twinkle Toes, the word is out! You can dance! We want VIDEO!

    (And if you can dance while juggling loaded kittens, we’d like to see that too.)

    ((Not that I am implying that your kittens GET loaded. I am sure they drink responsibly.))

  13. I’m not sure. Is the flaming tutu fetching, or is the right to arm kittehs fetching? Oh wait, both!

    Hmm…. Kitteh in a flaming tutu firing Scalzi out of a cannon… Kitteh clone army firing an army of Scalzi clone cannons?

    Is that canon or fanon? ;)

    Hahahah, thank you, much appreciated after a not-good day.

  14. Maybe it’s just me, but that third one… does anyone else get the sense that Scalzi’s innie belly button is about to expand and consume us all?

    No? Just me?

  15. I know you’ve asked that your fans refrain from asking you for special favors. But some day, when you’re looking for a new way to procrastinate, I’d be grateful if you could include a like/agree button for your comments, so I can virtually high-five the many Whatever Commenters who are just too cool for words. I don’t think there’s any value in adding a dislike/disagree button–if someone is going to negative, they need to own it.

  16. Now, the question is – does Athena proudly put these pictures up on her locker, or does she wander around school saying “Nope – you must mean the OTHER Scalzis – my dad’s an accountant.”?

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