The Scamperbeasts Pose, 12/21/15

First the serious one.

And now the “fun” one!

Oh, Scamperbeasts. Never change.

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  1. RE: Oh, Scamperbeasts. Never change. Sorry, John, they will, but they will still be lovable.

  2. If you can perfect kitten fixative, I think you’d rule the world!

    Great pics. The serious one evokes every formal Victorian family portrait I’ve ever seen.

  3. The person who invents kitten fixative will probably become rich to an extent never before seen.

    Which is good b/c then someone will have the money to rebuild the internet when it collapses.

    Those girls blend in well with that couch. CamoCats.

  4. Wonderful pictures; the beasts are frighteningly good at posing, and I suspect they will carry that skill forward.

    Humans are notoriously easy to please, which is why benevolent cats of mature years will pretend to be kittens again when it comes to chasing balls of wool, and clambering into spots where they have to be rescued. I really love my home, but it has one major drawback; no pets. Sugar and Spice, and their illustrious predecessors, are a sort of surrogate for cats of my own, and I thank you for sharing them with us…

  5. Amazing I hadn’t noticed this before– your pair look just like kitten versions of my two, one of whom is 17 now and the other would be 22 if she hadn’t passed a few years ago. I’d totally post pictures for comparison if the blog would let me.

  6. Wow. They’re already looking much older than they did in the first pictures you shared of them … Sigh. Kids. They grow up too darned fast.

  7. Well, Scalzi: at least now you know who’s been watching your Bela Lugosi DVDs late at night….

  8. Serious Scamperbeasts. Funny Scamperbeasts. Win-Win. Thank you muchly.

    So, @DRichard, now Sugar has this Goth Vampire thing going on, you say?

    That would explain the baroque organ music coming from her kitteh iPod and her room stereo late at night or after school, when Scalzi and company are trying to concentrate….

  9. That would be Scamper School for Kittehs, wherein kittens study how to be cute, how to teleport, how to rule the hew-monz, things like that, important in catdom educations.

  10. Some people think Spice doesn’t know how to have fun. In fact, he/she (can’t remember) just parties quietly, but no less intensely.

  11. Oh, my goodness. Those are some seriously gorgeous Scamperbeasts. I love the “Derp?” pose in the second shot!

    I have to wonder if the whilom owner of those two critters had ANY idea how widely known and well loved they’d become in just a few short weeks. I recall it was your mother-in-law’s neighbor whose cat had kittens; did he or she know who was adopting them, and how many people all over the world would see (and squee) at the photos and blog posts and twitters?

    Thanks in any case, both for adopting the Scampers and for letting us follow along vicariously. I’m sure enjoying the ride!

  12. I swear the one in the rear is spot on one of those crazy Scalzi pictures around here – how long did it take you to train your cat to impersonate you? :D

  13. Dear John,

    Nice job on photo 1. Especially the background. Makes it work.

    Do a burn-in on the towel in the foreground, and you’ve got a seriously good pet portrait.

    pax / Ctein

  14. Ha. Sugar is not trying to be funny. She is trying to remind you that her ancestors were apex predators that ate your ancestors.

  15. Nice portraits. On the foster kitten blogs I read, they often talk about how many shots it can take to get just the right one. I admire your patience.

  16. Hmm, I don’t know if it’s due to photoshopping or not, but Spice(the darker one?) seems to mesh almost perfectly with the cushion pattern in the background. On the other hand, cats are lightning quick when faced with impending posterior doom.

  17. I was going to remark on how wisely you chose your kittens to match the furniture, but a few others already pointed that out.

    I have many, many pictures of our two kittens posing adorably and looking appropriately at the camera, so no mystery there. (a) Every position they take is adorable and (b) when a human in the family approaches, they will look at them, meaning they will gaze at you with the camera.

  18. By the dark and forgotten gods… that is exactly what happens when I try to get pictures of my two boys. One comes out okay. The next, and everything after, has… faces.