Note: Today Is My Last Productive Day of the Year

Which is to say that if you have any outstanding business with me for 2015, you’ll want to let me know about it today, because starting tomorrow and through to Monday, January 4, I am off the business clock and any outstanding business will be unceremoniously punted into 2016.

With that said: People still waiting to hear back on January Big Idea slots: Don’t panic (and don’t send me a raft of reminders today), they’re in process.

Inasmuch as I think most people who can have already clocked out for the year, businesswise, this will not be a hardship on anyone.

13 Comments on “Note: Today Is My Last Productive Day of the Year”

  1. Oh geez, John, I was hoping you’d get back to me on that indoor dog show stadium idea (on your spacious lot) that would also kick in(no pun intended) as a walking soccer field for the off season. I guess it can wait until 2016 though, so have a fantastic Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. Enjoy the break and unabashed time with your friends and family! That’s why we work so hard throughout the year.

    Because I spend my year editing other people’s manuscripts, the last few weeks of the year are my quality time to selfishly work on nothing but my own stuff. Current project is creating the 3rd edition of “Effective Onscreen Editing”, which has fallen woefully out of date. May even try to steal some time from this beast to commit fiction!

  3. Thank you for providing me with many hours of entertainment this year. I received your autographed copies of “Old Man’s War” (a gift for my son) and “Redshirts” (a gift for myself, ’cause I’m important.) I’m excited about introducing my son to your novels. I’ll let him borrow “Redshirts” since I’ve read it already.

  4. Glad you are getting a nice year-end break, sir, and I hope it is relaxing and wonderful and restorative for you.

    But if you do happen to have any snapshots or anecdotes about the Scamperbeasts, and if you are just BORED TO TEARS with absolutely nothing to do, I at least would not take it amiss if you wanted to post an update or two. Not that you HAVE to, of course. Just that if you’re bored and have nothing better to do, I would nobly rise to the occasion and force myself to stop by Whatever to see the results.

    Joyful holidays to all the Scalzi clan, both two-footed and four, and heartfelt wishes for health and happiness in 2016; we’ll see you next year.

  5. Well, the Colonel has said it all, rather better than I could, so I will merely add that I shall be recomending the Scamperbeasts and/or Santa’s Reindeer Wrangler (depending on reading age and sobriety) to my family and friends as perfect holiday reading, viewing and listening*.

    *The ones who can’t read yet are going to be thrilled with having it read to them, and the people doing the reading to them will be thrilled to have authoratitive answers to questions of great importance whilst waiting for NORAD to declare that it’s bedtime.

    And then all the grownups will have a lot of fun reading it; after all, what sort of person assumes that people chuck reindeers off tall buildings to test their genetic capability to fly, without having nets plus phalanxes of highly trained Reindeer Retrievers, to catch the ones who can’t?

    But it’s the holidays, so I hope that everyone has a wonderful time, hopefully with friends and families, though their job may make that impossible.

    Someone’s got to be there as they wheel in a trolley holding a very ill person; my daughter is thrilled that she’s actually has Xmas Day and Boxing Day off this year. We are cautiously optimistic about this…

  6. You’re right about checking out. I may be AT work today, but I’m not exactly going to be IN work.

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