Whatever Best of 2015

I wouldn’t call 2015 a fantastic year for humanity in general — “not great years for humanity” has been a bit of a depressing trend recently, hasn’t it — but for me it was certainly a pretty good one, and here at Whatever, I wrote a number of pieces I think are worth remembering here at the end of the year, ranging in topics from writing to politics to online life to beloved pets. As is my tradition on Christmas Eve, here are those entries, this year arranged alphabetically.

Let me also take a moment to again note the passing of my friends John Anderson and Jacqueline Kahn. Their memory is a blessing.

And here we go, into the last week of 2015.

4 Comments on “Whatever Best of 2015”

  1. You left out “Interview with Santa’s Reindeer Wrangler”, which is still on the front page, but should be in the list IMO for completeness.

  2. You’ve definitely tagged some of my favorites. I particularly appreciated “My Day in a Wheelchair,” though I have to agree with Origuy about “Interview” – that totally belongs on the list.

    Thanks for a year of great reading, sir.