The Best Sportball T-Shirt Ever Made

Which sportsball team do I support? The Ohio Scamperbeasts, of course! Here I am with one of the star players.

Very big thanks to Scot Campbell for the design and the implementation — all I did was say out loud that it would be fun to have Ohio Scamperbeasts t-shirts. He did all the rest. I’m excited when things I wish for out loud happen through no effort on my part. I bought one for every member of the family!

Fun on Twitter, 2015

I spend a lot of time on Twitter! And often I say silly and/or substantial things there, that I then post here for posterity, Twitter being quite intentionally an evanescent medium. Here are some of my favorite long-form Twitter postings of the year, arranged more or less chronologically.

Also, this exchange with Lavie Tidhar was fun.

And this exchange between me and my daughter leaves no doubt as to whose child she is.

And that’s Scalzi Twitter for 2015!