Fun on Twitter, 2015

I spend a lot of time on Twitter! And often I say silly and/or substantial things there, that I then post here for posterity, Twitter being quite intentionally an evanescent medium. Here are some of my favorite long-form Twitter postings of the year, arranged more or less chronologically.

Also, this exchange with Lavie Tidhar was fun.

And this exchange between me and my daughter leaves no doubt as to whose child she is.

And that’s Scalzi Twitter for 2015!

7 Comments on “Fun on Twitter, 2015”

  1. I am not on Twitter, so I appreciate these recaps. My favorite was the awkward Star Wars holiday nonsense.

    Note to my fellow Scalzi animals. When our Athena human attempts to cook please vacate the house until either its continued existence is assured or the ashes have cooled. Do NOT be tempted back by any appetizing aromas before then. And yes, I know this is more than 140 characters long, but we felines have the power.

  3. Apparently roast pork was invented when a chinese farmhouse burned down. It was some years before it was discovered that it wasn’t necessary to burn down the whole farmhouse to produce a meal.


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