The Best Sportball T-Shirt Ever Made

Which sportsball team do I support? The Ohio Scamperbeasts, of course! Here I am with one of the star players.

Very big thanks to Scot Campbell for the design and the implementation — all I did was say out loud that it would be fun to have Ohio Scamperbeasts t-shirts. He did all the rest. I’m excited when things I wish for out loud happen through no effort on my part. I bought one for every member of the family!

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  1. Michael Walsh:

    In fact Mr. Campbell took the surplus raised from the shirts and donated it to Worldbuilders. It wasn’t a huge amount because the run of shirts was small, but nevertheless charity was involved.

    Jay E.

    Actually “Scalzi” is on the back, like a jersey.


    This run of the shirt is now closed, alas.

  2. Finally! A team I can get excited about!

    My local team is the Washington Redskins. I’m pretty sure the Scamperbeasts would make short work of them!

  3. I think if I ever have kittens again, I’d like to dub them the Scamperbeasts of the Old Dominion. With your permission, of course!

  4. If nothing else, these kittens have proven that cats can teach humans tricks. Now they’ve got you wearing custom-designed shirts honoring them … :-)

    Great stuff.

  5. Aw, you know the Scamps worked out a sweet royalty arrangement with the Scalzis. Even now, the pallets of canned tuna are awaiting shipment to the Compound. The Scamps have planned a new catwalk made from the recycled empties. If things really take off, they have this idea for a new feline recreational wing added to get the afternoon sun, perfect for napping. Recreation, scampering, napping, all is related in the zen of the feline….

  6. What a gorgeous kitty-cat, such beautiful colours and a classic “I just don’t give a shit” look about him/her ;)! Scamperbeasts, great name for your frlines

  7. If the Scamperbeasts need a quality middle in-fielder my son’s Tuxedo cat Max – to the best of my knowledge – has never allowed a tennis ball to get past him. Food for spring training, so to speak.

    A bit about Max’s name: my wife and I lost (to kidney failure) a dear Miniature Schnauzer we rescued from a very bad situation some years ago, and although we’re largely shelter dog people, my wife fell in love with the breed and after much searching, found a farm family who has a couple of litters a year (in a very non-puppy mill environment).

    We drove an hour plus through rural south-central Indiana to see the pups when they were five weeks old to make our selection (with pickup at eight weeks), and this grizzly old farmer brings a cardboard box into the back yard, carefully sets it down, then gently kicks it over and six little bundles of joy tumbled out. One of the best hours of my life while those little pups crawled all over me!

    As part of the sale, they paid the AKC registration fee, and we named our sweet little puppy “Mimmet’s Lucky Nickel” (Mimmet being the nickname our two boys gave my wife before they could pronounce her name, Micki, and the rest regards his salt-n-pepper coloring), but we call him Niko.

    My son, who volunteers at our local animal shelter finally found a cat he couldn’t pass on, and finding great hillarity about the AKC’s use of their own strange ‘trinomial nomenclature’ naming system, chose to name his cat Maximus Decimus Meridius (from Gladiator). Fortunately he’s just “Max” – of course unless he get’s into trouble, at which time his full name is barked out in a firm, clipped manner! :-)

    Kidding. He never gets in trouble, and somehow miraculously is always on the opposide side of the room whenever potted plants or knick-knacks strangely succumb to odd, multidirectional gravitational forces.

  8. *If* anyone wants to deal with the complexities of ordering/selling t-shirts, I’d be willing to bet (and I never ever bet) that a fair amount of profit (anything over cost of making, distributing, etc.) would be a sweet fundraiser for something like the local animal shelter. (I’d even find the money for one, and I don’t buy much of anything anymore.)

  9. Twitter is ‘communication’ for the ADHD generation. The art of composing a paragraph has been lost and oh look, a squirrel!

  10. Scalzi, how small are your Scamperbeasts that you can hold them that way and they don’t squirm out from your grip? I kept looking thinking “How’s he holding that cat” – and realized you must have the body supported in the palm of your hand….

  11. Regrettably the Scamperbeasts (Western/Pacific division) here are all getting up in years and no longer have that rookie up-and-at-’em. They can, however, make a respectable rally when tuna and/or catnip are involved.

  12. So, in the tradition of BattleBots or Robot Wars, we could start a fantasy sports league for our various feline warriors, scamperbeasts and tuna-disposal-systems. Call it the National Society of Feline Warriors. We could trade and rate pictures, draft famous beasts from other parts of the country, get more shirts made. This could be a winner!
    Forget the NFL, here comes the NSFW.

  13. “I’m excited when things I wish for out loud happen through no effort on my part.” – Its like you’re the reincarnation of Henry II – except, you know, slightly less murderous…

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