Daily Archives: December 31, 2015

2015 and Me

Surely the recitation of the facts of 2015 indicate it was a very good year for me. I released my first video game and graphic novel, both of which did pretty well; my novel The End of All Things was released and went into various best seller lists; my previous novel Lock In was a finalist […]

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2015 in Scamperbeastery

Needless to say, the real big news of 2015 was the arrival at the Scalzi Compound of Sugar and Spice, aka Thing One and Thing Two, aka the Scamperbeasts. They arrived on the first day of November (which means tomorrow is their second monthaversary here)  and have made rather a large splash since then. I […]

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What Passes For Snow, December 2015

Here it is: A light dusting in our forward landscaping area. Krissy and I are debating whether or not this qualifies as actual snow, on account that on the actual lawn, driveway and walkways, there’s not a single scrap of snow, i.e., it didn’t stick anywhere, nor will it, as it’s supposed to get over […]

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