I Forgot to Update Today, So Here is the Apology Kitten Pic

Please enjoy as Spice stares into the very depths of your soul.

See you tomorrow.

18 Comments on “I Forgot to Update Today, So Here is the Apology Kitten Pic”

  1. Noms. You will bring me noms. The crunchy little salmon ones. You will bring me the entire bag, and hand-feed them to me one by one.

  2. Hmmm. At what age, I wonder, do felines realize that they are, at the least, royalty? Or possibly gods?

    Spice seems to have one paw in crazy kittenhood, and one in divinity.

  3. Elizabeth McFadden, you beat me to it! I’ve been wracking my brains for a good ‘Dune’ joke since Spice arrived. And amen to your second comment. Millions of ancient Egyptians can’t be wrong, can they?

  4. Forgot to update! What, is actual life getting in the way? Nothing wrong with that….

    Also, hi Spice!

  5. “What!? Is this in the job description? I’m now your apology monkey?”
    (Better check your shoes before putting them on for a few days).

  6. Nice try. I have 2 young cats who double team with that look all the time. It doesn’t increase their treat allotment.

  7. Maybe Spice is quoting the Guild Navigator:

    “I was not here. I did not say this.”

    Is Sagacious too big a word for such a small kitty? Well, she looks like she’s growing into it fast.

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