I Had Such Ambitions For This Week On Whatever But Instead I Used My Brain To Write 12,000 Words on the New Novel, So, Look, Here Are the Scamperbeasts

Seriously, I had several topics I was planning to write on! But then there was the novel, and business emails, and that award thingie, and yesterday I was running errands, so, really, poof, where does the time go. At least the Scamperbeasts are still cute as hell.

Maybe I’ll write some stuff here on the weekend. You never know! Until then: Hey, kittens.

37 Comments on “I Had Such Ambitions For This Week On Whatever But Instead I Used My Brain To Write 12,000 Words on the New Novel, So, Look, Here Are the Scamperbeasts”

  1. I know the feeling. I am supposed to be doing research for a project…..love me some kittehs

  2. You can only play the kitten card so many times, Scalzi. Who am I kidding, it’s the Internet, the kitten card will always play.

  3. isn’t the blog the thing you write when you are supposed to be writing the novel? Isn’t writing the novel instead of blogging one for the win column.

  4. While I enjoy reading your thinky thoughts, kitten pictures are ALWAYS an acceptable substitute. Some weeks, in fact, they’re actually preferable, as kitten pics can be a most welcome anodyne to other stuff. As it happens, this is one of “those” weeks, so thanks a heap for the opportunity to grin a little. It is much appreciated.

    Have a great weekend, sir.

  5. This may be the first time in the history of the internet where someone apologized for doing the thing he was supposed to do. Love it!

  6. Not that anyone cares, internet is a big place, but I removed my old blog under Talitha Kum name, and now when I commented here, it logged me in with the new name. Just saying, I’m not creating aliaces here :).

  7. I *am* enjoying the Wingnut Woodstock erotic fanfic…

    Congratulations on 12,000 words on your new novel. I’ll happily take cute kitty-pics as an alternative to brilliant blogging.

  8. I think maybe I need to get kittens so I can post photos of them when I’m running low on content. Hmmmm.

  9. Be very, very careful, S. J. Pajonas. Kittens are like potato chips, you can’t have just one or two. Wife and I ended up with 19 rescues at one point, now down to 13 and each loss hurt. But they trashed the furniture. But they are SO CUTE.

  10. No worries – please do keep writing your novel!
    Right now I’m putting off getting “The End Of All Things” because I don’t want to be completely out of Scalzi novels (I try to keep one in reserve to cheer me up if I hit a stressful part of my life).
    So please write on!

  11. Just as long as you’re writing. As I’ve mentioned before I’m not getting any younger. It’s sure going to piss me off if I die before your next novel is published.

  12. Scalzi in Numbers. It’s been 2 weeks since I started visiting this blog, and I have a whole new set of standards now. Reading: 2 full books a week. Writing: 2000 words a day or 12000 words a week. Internet output per week: 50 cat photos (OK, that I can do), 5.000 tweets, 5-10 blog posts. Receiving unsolicited awards: 1 a week should do. This is what I call Scalzinization bootcamp. I might need to become a cyborg to keep up :). Thanks for leading by example!

  13. Carl is so right. Kitten and cat pictures are always an acceptable substitute for serious conversation and information dissemination. Always. An occasional dog picture will do as well, but only occasionally.

    Write on . . . Challenge yourself. Do 2,500 words a day. And use the extra daily 500 words from Monday to Friday to justify adding Saturday to Sunday as days off from the novel creation grind.

  14. How DARE you write a novel instead of entertaining us on ‘Whatever’! But two kittens will do for today. (One would NOT be enough.)

  15. I recognize that YOU SHALL NOT PASS expression from our own stair-occupying kitty

  16. Playing the Cute Kitten Card, Scalzi – that’s….

    Awww, look at the kittens! They’re almost teenage guys now!

    Looking forward to your thoughts on The Issues when you get around to them – in the meantime, Go Novel!

  17. Don’t apologize for writing a new novel. I’m salivating just waiting for it to be finished so I can read it.

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