The Scamperbeasts on Twitter

Someone last night made a jokey comment on Twitter about the Scamperbeasts having their own account on that service, which served as a reminder to me that I should probably get on that before someone else did (someone else made a Twitter account for Ghlaghghee, after all).

So I did, and as of this morning it has almost three thousand followers, which is amazing and also pretty ridiculous. Be that as it may, I do intend to keep the Scamperbeast twitter feed active with pictures of Sugar and Spice (with likely cameo appearances by other members of the Scalzi household), so if you’re on Twitter and a fan of the Scamperbeasts, well, you know what to do.

Also done last night: Which was not taken already, which was vaguely surprising to me. I honestly did not think I had thought up the term “scamperbeasts,” but a Google search on the term turns up nothing but references to my kittens, either by me or others, so: Hey, look! I mades up a new word! Uh, maybe. And if I didn’t make it up, I own the first 10 pages of Google listings about it, so it’s pretty much the same from the point of view of the Internet.

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  1. Looking forward to the first use of scamperbeast–had to teach that word to auto-corrupt–in a work of fiction. Hopefully yours!

  2. Heh – I saw the Scamperbeasts’ new twitter thingie on the sidebar of your site last night and promptly alerted my elder kid, since she both twits and is a huge fan of the kittehs. I’m guessing she’s probably already one of the almost 3K followers.

    For those of us who don’t twit, will you be posting the Scamperbeasts’ twits on your website along with your own? There may not be many of us in that category, but the few who are will appreciate the opportunity to follow along vicariously.

  3. You don’t officially own it until the OED cites you as the first use! Love the pictures though. My daughter has a cat allergy so they’re off the table until she goes to college.

  4. After a rough day, I go online and deliberately look for The Scamberbeasts, so thank you for making them easier to find!

    Maybe you’ve answered this before, but with what do you usually take their pictures? They’re spelndid!

  5. The Scamperbeasts’ tweet of Athena sulking because they have more followers than she – I particularly like it because there’s Daisy in the background, and from the expression on her face I know she’s thinking “I don’t even have a Twitter account, much less a domain… why???

  6. A pair of kittens achieved three times the number of followers in one night that my professional writerly account has gotten ever. So that’s not humbling or anything.

  7. I forwarded the link to my daughter who is also enchanted by The Scamperbeasts. She suggested the name is quite appealing as a series of children’s books. Not that you have more time for writing. Just a thought…

  8. There must be something going around – a couple of days ago, the cat who adopted me in August got her own Facebook account (because I realized I’m not keeping track of all the insanities she’s been perpetrating, and I’m not on LJ enough any more to use that medium). She has nowhere near as many followers as your scamperbeasts have, but that’s just as well, because I can barely keep up with my own.

  9. I may have to start using the damn twitter, for the sake of the s-beasts… These days everything is on twitter. Presidents break the news on twitter, heck, we found out about David Bowie from twitter (another reason why twitter gets bad karma points from me). It’s an intimidating amount of information, too much and to snappy for my taste. Wonder why twitter rhymes with litter? :) I need the BrainPal TM to process that data flow bypassing my active consciousness. Maybe except for the s-beasts :)

    Which model of Nikon, if you don’t mind sharing? I wonder at which price range you get diminishing return.

  10. Re John Seavey. I totally feel your pain. I swear my Newfoundland dog has more Facebook friends than I do. I post anything about me – few likes. Anything of substance – even fewer likes. Post a picture of Boone – everybody crawls from under their respective rocks.

  11. I’m confused. Shouldn’t the whiter one (the dilute tortie) be Sugar, & the more colourful one be Spice?
    (And don’t even get me started on how I learnt what the term ‘dilute’ means in terms of feline colour, much less the difference in colour pattern ranges between male & female cats!)

  12. That was available is actually pretty surprising. I remember waaaaaay back in the early-mid ’90s when every four letter permutation of TLDs were finally sucked up. I had just assumed that pretty much every [verb][noun] combo was squatted on at this point.

    Domain squatters are the bane of the internet.

  13. How do you tell which followers are cats? They’re the ones complaining about all the humans on the internet…

  14. Will call them “Sprallbestarna” in Swedish. Scamper doesn’t translate well, so i’ll have to dare the trebuchet when sharing the links…

  15. So I guess the phrase “You are the man” does apply here. :D

    Perhaps we’re looking at the new King Of All Media here. The King is dead (Stern)! Long live the King (Scalzi)!

  16. Honestly, the Scamberbeasts have been cheering me up every time I see them, so following their account was an instant no brainer for me :-) It doesn’t surprise me at all that they’ve got so many followers!

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