Duuuuuh Brain

Progress on the new novel has been pretty good — 20k words so far, which is where I want to be prior to being at Arisia, which will trim back my writing speed at bit — but one consequence of this is that when I’m done, and have done some other necessary work for the day (email, etc), when I come to the blog to write something, my brain is all eeeeeeeeeegh yeah no. Whether this is a side effect of getting back to novel writing after a pause, or because I’m getting older and only have so much brainpower per day, or because it’s the dead of winter which makes me feel sleepy at  6pm anyway — or some combination of all three and/or other factors — it’s hard to say. But it has made the blog a little, uh, less sparkly than usual, I suppose. I mean, unless you like kitten pictures, in which case it’s been awesome. And most of you like kitten pictures, so.

Along this same line: I’ll put up the Award recommendation posts next week, so be looking for those then.

In short: Look, here’s Zeus.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Funny, what you describe is kind of how my brain feels after a day of battling gremlins in my employer’s new accounting software. With a couple of significant differences, though – you can actually say you’re accomplishing something, AND others will enjoy the results. Neither is true for me.

In any case, please know that a photo of a handsome black-and-white feline lounging in his bed, or a close-up of a snoozing kitten, or pretty much any photo of a fur-covered four-legged family member of yours, is a completely acceptable and very welcome substitute to an essay. Not only acceptable, but downright therapeutic after a day like today. So there you go – you’re not only getting writing work done, you’re also providing therapy to your blog readers.

See, lots accomplished today! Go have fun at Arisia, and we’ll enjoy the cat photos while you’re gone.

Hi, Zeus! Glad you’re getting some screen time — every cat ought be suitably worshipped on a frequent basis. Or at least, so my feline empress tells me.

You look comfy. Hope your human minions are serving you properly.

Wonderful to see Zeus. With the politics heating up even more, I suspect that when I go on FB I’m gonna be scrolling past most of the posts and concentrating on the cat and landscape photo posts… A few kitty pics, as well as landscape, sky scape, city scape photos can help one recover even from really bad days. More photos of all four of the four legged beasties, please.

Turns out an individual can only make about N decisions a day before performance on making *good* decisions goes down. The process of writing is filled with decisions, large and small.

For example, Obama (whatever you think of him) deliberately has two suit colors and a limited number of ties. Basically, he has to make two decisions when getting dressed.

Unfortunately, the literature is sparse on the effects of felines in ones vicinity on the number of good decisions one can make. Increase or decrease? No effect? (Not that the cat cares one way or another…)

cold weather dulls my gray matter and we get a bit now and then, thankfully not much here in Dallas. I enjoy the cat pix. I have way too many cats for living in the city (or on the planet) LOL and if I ever come up with a cat-repellent keyboard, I’ll let you know.

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