View From the Hotel Window, 1/14/16: Boston

Not a bad view of Boston’s downtown, either.

In other news, hello, I am in Boston now, for Arisia. See you there.

15 Comments on “View From the Hotel Window, 1/14/16: Boston”

  1. Arisia is at the Westin Waterfront, in the Seaport district, so you have a fine view across Fort Point Channel and the Rose Kennedy Greenway into the Financial District.
    See you there, John!

  2. So close, and yet so far. Luckily for me, a good friend IS going to Arisia, so maybe I’ll hear some anecdotes next week. Have fun!

  3. There’s the Pru, so lonely all the way over to the left.

    I always loved the Pru, It was a wonderful navigational aid when I was new in town and had no idea where anything was. No matter how clueless I was, no matter how lost I was, no matter how drunk I was, the Pru always got me home.

    I still vividly remember one foggy fall morning when I was walking to class.The fog was so thick you literally couldn’t see anything more than two stories off the ground, and as I looked down Commonwealth Ave my first horrified thought was, “Oh my God, they’ve stolen the Pru!”

    Good times. Stupid times, but good.

  4. I wish I could post a picture of my room’s view: I count at least eight parking lots, including one that looks like storage for big rig semi-trailers.

    You’re definitely on the nicer side of the hotel.

  5. If you try using a car to get around here in Boston, you’ll regret it.

    (though the Red Line is a mess this weekend. Track construction on the Longfellow Bridge. A cab might be better if one needs to go to Cambridge from Arisia.)