View From the Hotel Window, 1/14/16: Boston

Not a bad view of Boston’s downtown, either.

In other news, hello, I am in Boston now, for Arisia. See you there.

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  1. Arisia is at the Westin Waterfront, in the Seaport district, so you have a fine view across Fort Point Channel and the Rose Kennedy Greenway into the Financial District.
    See you there, John!

  2. There’s the Pru, so lonely all the way over to the left.

    I always loved the Pru, It was a wonderful navigational aid when I was new in town and had no idea where anything was. No matter how clueless I was, no matter how lost I was, no matter how drunk I was, the Pru always got me home.

    I still vividly remember one foggy fall morning when I was walking to class.The fog was so thick you literally couldn’t see anything more than two stories off the ground, and as I looked down Commonwealth Ave my first horrified thought was, “Oh my God, they’ve stolen the Pru!”

    Good times. Stupid times, but good.

  3. I wish I could post a picture of my room’s view: I count at least eight parking lots, including one that looks like storage for big rig semi-trailers.

    You’re definitely on the nicer side of the hotel.

  4. I wish all my friends attending a good time. @Sybylla ugh on the view. Hopefully you will spend little time looking out the window.

  5. If you try using a car to get around here in Boston, you’ll regret it.

    (though the Red Line is a mess this weekend. Track construction on the Longfellow Bridge. A cab might be better if one needs to go to Cambridge from Arisia.)

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