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Damn, it’s January 18th, and it’s already been a hell of a year for musician deaths. If you’re a musician who was even marginally popular in the 70s, please keep an eye on yourself, okay? In the meantime, as we’re thinking of Glenn Frey passing along to the great gig in the sky, enjoy this most Glenn Freyish of Eagles songs.

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  1. Damn. God must be building the house band for one helluva party. Two Motorheads, Bowie, now Frey…

  2. While I thought David Bowie was a loss, Glenn Frey was a punch in the balls. I grew up with the Eagles. Hell, I got to see them after they got back together. Was one hell of a concert. Most musicians don’t got that long, and after 4 hours they still hadn’t covered near most of their group/solo stuff. Watching Glenn, Don (Henley and Felder) Joe and Timothy on stage was a dream come true. For some bands a loss is something you can come back from (AC/DC). This ain’t one of those though. Man I wish heaven–or hell!– was real. I wanna be where the great musicians are.

  3. Double post, sorry.

    Also just finished listening to “Somebody” from the “Long Road Out of Eden” which has some great Glenn vocals, and “I’ve Got Mine” which is one of my fave solos by him. Rob Halford and Mick Jagger better be taking care of themselves this year. Not sure I can stand another loss anytime soon.

  4. “…and one that says she’s a friend of mine…” Turns out she really was, and still is. RIP Glenn

  5. Saw these guys on tour in 1977 at an outdoor venue in Stockholm Sweden while I was a high school exchange student. A lot of changes since, and have seen them several times over the years, most recently in Seattle a couple of years ago. Very Sad to hear of his passing because their music carried me through many of the ups and downs of life…

  6. Hopefully wherever he is, they’ll give him more time to work on the dreams he planned to try. The right words never come; we just get numb.

  7. Your warning is too late for Mott The Hoople’s drummer Dale “Buffin” Griffin (whose biggest hit, All The Young Dudes, was written and produced by David Bowie), and R&B singer/rapper Clarence Reid (aka Blowfly). RIP.

  8. Well, shit. 2016 is really starting to piss me off. Like digitalatheist above, I grew up with the Eagles. They were one of my bands, damn it. They were supposed to live forever.

  9. Saw them in 1972. So long ago they were the opening act! ( With Edgar Winter and Yes, honk if you were at Colt Stadium!)

    Always loved Frey’s guest star appearance in ‘Miami Vice’

  10. Got seriously blindsided on this one (been mostly AWOL from the ‘net and t.v this weekend). One of my favorite bands and musicians, and “The History of The Eagles” had to be one of my favorite music documentaries of all time.

    Strange how his big hit “Smuggler’s Blues” still remains relevant more than thirty years after its creation.

  11. I saw the Eagles in 1976. Glenn Frey introduced one of their biggest hits thusly: We respectfully wish to dedicate this song to Mr. Ronald Reagan. You can’t hide your Lyin’ Eyes.

  12. Those who know him best all claim that he was an All-Pro asshole, but he could really sing. He will be missed.

  13. Hank Williams, Sr., died at age 29 of booze and pills. Doctors told Hank Williams, Jr., all your life everybody made you just like your dad, but you’re going to beat him. You’re going to die at 26.”
    Then he fell off a 500-foot cliff. And lost his role as The Voice of Monday Night Football.
    The Eagles, I saw them at The Troubador, when they were already the quintessential L.A. band, and came to L.A. for the music and because of Carlos Castenada. Long story. Cut too short.
    No kids, NOT the “Eagles of Death Metal”, who are the quintessential Palm Desert, California band,

  14. It’s very sad that hardly anybody is mentioning the death of Mic Gillette, one of the founding members of Tower of Power and one of the greatest horn players ever.

  15. All the people who made the soundtrack of my early years are dying off. We’ve lost at least half the Beatles (Is Ringo still kicking on? I forget). Shirley Strachan from Skyhooks died in an air crash years ago. The guy who played drums for Cold Chisel died of brain cancer. The lead singer of INXS went years ago too. Now Bowie, and Glenn Frey. It’s getting to the point where I’m going to have to start looking hard through my music collection for stuff which is by artists/groups who are still alive.

    Oh, hang on, there’s still the Rolling Stones. There’s *always* the Rolling Stones… (not that I’m particularly fond of them, but I can admire their resilience and apparent un-killability).

  16. Alan Bostick, not exactly. Browne wrote the majority of the song, then Frey finished it (according to Browne, finishing the second verse and doing something of a different arrangement). Browne did eventually record it, but not until 1973, after the Eagles version.

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