Tom Louis, 1946 – 2016

A brief note here to note the passing of Tom Louis, Kristine’s uncle (shown here with Richard Alvarez, my brother-in-law, at family gathering), whose memorial service I’m about to head out the door for. Tom was pretty much the definition of “salt of the earth” and cared deeply about the family, and was always kind and decent in the way he treated everyone I ever saw him with. It was good to know him and good to have him as part of the family I was fortunate enough to marry into. I’m going to miss him and his good humor.

This where I remind you to let those you care about know what they mean to you in your life. It’s never not a good idea. And if they already know, remind them again. That’s always a good idea, too.

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  1. My condolences to you, Kristine and the rest of your family. And yes, it’s way too easy to assume there are endless tomorrows to let our loved ones know how important they are.

  2. Sympathies to your family on the loss. As we reach a certain age, important people start randomly disappearing from our lives; I’ve lost three already, not including grandparents and a parent. I can’t reiterate what John says strongly enough: What I’ve learned from these losses is that you should continuously ensure your loved ones know they’re loved, so if one of them suddenly disappears (or if you do), nothing is left unsaid.

  3. And software being software, the URL still says 1916. And probably can’t be easily changed.

    Condolences on your loss.

  4. :( so sorry. There are never enough good natured, kind folks as it is. Makes it tougher to say goodbye. Best wishes to your family.

  5. I’m sitting here watching the clock and knowing that a good friend is going to die from cancer tonight. Luckily I did have a chance to communicate love and appreciation in December, but she’s too young to go. I am sorry for your loss. Your relative sounds like a solid guy.

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