Daily Archives: January 28, 2016

Facebook and Your Friends

Over on Facebook I see a fair number of people linking to the story that although the average Facebook user has 155 “friends” on Facebook, there are also on average only four of those “friends” that a Facebook user would call in a genuine crisis, suggesting that just because you are “friends” with someone on […]

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The Battle of the Scamperbeasts: An Epic Poem, Translated From the Cat Tongue

Once upon a time There was a kitten on a stairwell Basking in the light of the sun As kittens are known to do. And all was peaceful in the land of kittens. Or so it seemed. But then another kitten Jealous of her sister’s place in the light Decided that the light should be […]

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The Big Idea: Jennifer Brozek

A question that authors often ask themselves: Who am I writing this book for? For Never Let Me, a compilation volume of novels by Jennifer Brozek, the author discovered who she was writing her series for — which included, among others, a very specific set of people. JENNIFER BROZEK: My Big Idea hid from me […]

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