New Books and ARCs, 1/29/16

And now, to carry us off into the weekend, here’s a dozen new books and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound in the last couple of weeks. See anything here that floats your proverbial boat? Tell me what it is in the comments!

11 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 1/29/16”

  1. I got excited when I saw “Eric Flint & Ryk Spoor,” but I’ve already read Castaway Planet. Damn paperbacks. It does occur to me that I haven’t ordered a copy for my library yet, though.

    Shutter Man is apparently about a hit man who is completely incapable of recognizing or remembering faces, so he has to carry a picture with him to make sure he’s killing the right person. I’m all for rising above one’s limitations to follow your dreams, but shouldn’t there be a limit? At some point shouldn’t you sit the guy down and say, “I’m sorry, Billy, but you just plain should not become a contract killer. If circumstances force you to view everyone as a faceless nonentity, go work at the DMV. You’ll fit right in.”

  2. “No Going Back” (Jon & Lobo #5) hardback is already on my shelf, but I might pick up a paperback to loan out. Great series – waiting patiently for #6. Wish these were available in audio format too.

  3. The thing which does NOT look awesome is Karen Marie Moning’s Feverborn. Moning has been defending her audiobook narrator, a sex offender who pleaded guilty to exchanging indecent images of a teenage girl. Cue all the usual comments one would expect about why the poor manz was totes not at fault for his behaviour. Moning initially claimed she knew facts nobody else did. She has since removed the post and apologised.

    Bibliodaze have a thoughtful summery here:

  4. I’d pick up Funeral Games to have a look because I find the title intriguing. I’d also have a look at The Lost Time Accidents if it was upright on the shelf. I hate having to twist my head to decipher sideways titles.

  5. The Newman looks interesting (thanks, liwella). Too bad almost half the Amazon reviews are 1-star whinings about the price from folks who’ve not actually read the books. It’s going onto my list.

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