Guess Who Completely Lost Track of Time and Forgot to Update His Web Site Today?

Yep, that would be me. Sorry.

Here, have this lovely version of “God Only Knows” from Petra Haden in compensation.

11 Comments on “Guess Who Completely Lost Track of Time and Forgot to Update His Web Site Today?”

  1. Eh, no worries, sir. It’s a Monday, and that’s all you need to say about it. And I, for one, am damned glad that it’s about done, too.

    Hope your evening is peaceful and restorative. Oh, and please give the Scamberbeasts a chin-scritch for me, would you?

  2. Nice cover. I hate to do this to Brian Wilson but whenever I hear the original version of the song I now think of HBO’s Big Love.

  3. whbeebe – Somewhere in the Orion Arm – I am a retired engineer who writes about photography, my pets, software development, computer languages, operating systems, embedded computers like the Jetson Nano, Raspberry Pi, Adafruit and Arduino devices, and whatever else may catch my interest.

    Must be old age…

  4. That was interesting. Nice harmonics. RJ above thinks of Big Love; I think of the final scene in Love Actually.

    Ms. Haden also does the complete The Who Sell Out a capella and it is amazing. (Helped somewhat by the fact that “Armenia City in the Sky” was the evening’s earworm. ;-))

  5. If you don’t post I can only assume that the various furry creatures in your house have finally overpowered you and are feasting on you/demanding all the pets.

  6. The best Petra Hayden I’ve heard is Under Pressure — and the only place on the web that it shows up is in the last 2:50 of this mix by David Byrne.

    LazyWeb! Where can I buy this?

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