View From a Hotel Window, 2/11/16: Dallas, TX

I’m here in the Lone Star State for ConDFW, where I am the guest of honor along with Seanan McGuire, so if you you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and have a hankerin’ to meet me (or Seanan), this is the time. The convention starts tomorrow. Right now, I’m likely to take a little nap.

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  1. welcome to Dallas! too bad I will be in Vegas while you’re here.

  2. Thanks for letting us know. Salad is a cool city.

  3. willisgarycpa – Victoria, BC, Canada – Retired life-long Texan after 27 years in Public Accounting as an MBA Certified Public Accountant and 18 years in Education as an MA-English Teacher, now relocated summer 2018 to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to continue decades long self-employed career as a Poet and Writer.
    Gary Willis

    Welcome to my hometown. Only I am in Midland, TX, and cannot come this weekend. But my never married 36 year old son (with girlfriend) Preston will be there! Say Hi! to him when you see the 6’4″ blue-eyed blond Scalzi fan.

    Other than Blindsight, are you aware of any sci-fi with aliens that are really alien to humankind and don’t come across as human minds in alien bodies? I just finished The End of All Things and was struck (again) how all aliens in most sci-fi seem to be so human in their thought processes. Just asking. Great novel!

  4. I like how that building has black windows because so did the buildings at the beginning of the TV series Dallas.
    By the way, as my old T-shirt says, I shot JR. But then I went back in a time machine and framed someone else for it. Changed history.

  5. lonestarlove – Florida – I am a transplanted Texan living in Florida, missing my beloved State. I am true to the old adage, you can take a girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl.

    That looks like you’re staying at the Reunion. You should hop over the Bob’s Chop House in the Omni and tell Anthony Martinez that I (his mom) sent you. I will buy you a glass of wine. :)

  6. fancyfootworkphotography – I have a passion for capturing memories on camera. I live a crazy hectic life of full time career holder, mother of 2 and wife. Its an everyday adventure and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    loved Fort Worth and Dallas. Great food!

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