Daily Archives: March 4, 2016

The Wilicious Burrito

Dear @wilw, this burrito is a hot dog, American cheese, a pickle, pasta salad and mayo. I call it the "Wilicious." pic.twitter.com/XuQTOOoCla — John Scalzi (@scalzi) March 4, 2016 Some of you may be aware of the existential battle that Wil Wheaton and I are currently engaged in, involving burritos. I am of the opinion […]

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A Political Disclaimer, 2016: I’m (Sometimes) Wrong

I’m seeing a fair amount of pushback, on the site and off it, to my suggestion the other day that in the wake of Hillary Clinton inevitably winning the Democratic nomination for President, a certain number for “BernieBros” will ragequit and find their way over to the Donald Trump camp. Well, two things here: 1. […]

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