Become a Midnight Star: Renegade Beta Tester!

I mentioned the other day that Midnight Star: Renegade, the sequel to last year’s Midnight Star video game, is on its way, and will be a bunch of fun to play for mobile gamers. But as it turns out, you don’t have to take my word for it — Industrial Toys is looking for a few good beta testers to help it polish the game and get it ready for a mass audience. One of those beta testers could be you.

Are you interested? Then head to this page and use the sign-up link. That will get you on the game mailing list and have you put into the pool from which they will select beta testers. You can also tweet a link to the Beta test page (put the @industrialtoys Twitter handle in your tweet, so they can see it); if you do you’ll be entered into a raffle for a beta test key. All pretty easy.

So that’s it: Hit the link, sign up, and good luck!

5 Comments on “Become a Midnight Star: Renegade Beta Tester!”

  1. Same question for Android from France. ! ?

    I have bought the French “Lock-In” version this week, named “Les enfermés” in France. I will start reading it yet !

  2. Which platform is it for? Sorry if you’ve already mentioned it and I just missed it.

  3. I tried it. Discovered it was a FPS for the iOS platform. While interesting I deleted the game after about 10 minutes. It’s not the game for me, but perhaps it will be for you.

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