Explaining What We Already Knew About Bond Villains (and Bond)

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  1. I fully expect this video to be entered into evidence when the makers of Autotune are arraigned for their crimes against music. Thy might even get the singer to testify, by offering him a plea deal for his crimes against diction.

  2. Wow, that makes a whole lot more sense to all the Bond movies i just got done binge watching. last nights was Dr. No and You only live twice.

  3. Freed from a loveless marriage to a man who was wed to his work, “Mom” moved to Oakland, California, where she opened a blues bar and hosts poetry slams on Tuesdays and Fridays, while helping the neighborhood create a community garden. She blogs about it.

  4. As someone who reads a fair chunk of fanfic (including romance and sexual fanfic), I can tell y’all that this vid is an excellent representation of both the joys and pitfalls of the genre, including female characters *inexplicably dropping out of existence* to make room for the happy couple.

    So I was enjoying it as an homage, and then when Mrs. Evil showed up at the end in her sharp new uniform and lair, it suddenly transcended into metafictional critique and in summary, that’s how I ended up listening to a song about sexual jealousy on loop for a week straight.

  5. Didn’t Skyfall make all this pretty explicit?

    Haven’t seen Spectre yet, so I don’t know for sure if the premise of the current 007 series is that every Bond Villain Just Wants James For Himself – but given that his first boyfriend was Television’s Hannibal Lecter wanting to introduce him to the joys of rough sex, I have a strong suspicion that’s the case.

  6. So, the takeaway I got was that the choreography of Bond films would improve immeasurably if everybody was just honest about their feelings.

    I can live with that.

  7. I’m not entirely sure what I just watched, but I’m happier than I was five minutes ago.

  8. Very cute, but I think it would work better as a stage production.

    Including a bit with sharks. And laser beams.

  9. Have re-watched all the Bond films often. When the uproar about Daniel Craig started, I began to wonder who the original Bond was as written by Ian Fleming, so read all the original novels and short stories. Most of the pop-culture Bond folk lore comes from the movies. So, this is an interesting addition to the alternate Bond universe.

  10. That is Sooo Gay. In a fabulous, funny and delightfully Good way. My sympathy is with the Villainette at the end though. She’d almost be enough to turn me Lez.

  11. Oh my, maybe my daydreams about the Bond girls were just covering up my real feelings. I may have to rethink my love of Bond, and the villains. LOL

  12. Timeliebe, Skyfall made it explicit, but in Spectre goes back to being subtext. This is due to so much of it reusing Connery-era tropes.

  13. He certainly makes me feel a whole lot better about my dance skills. (I’m fine with that, by the way; I enjoy watching Tyler Stewart* dance, fercrhissakes)

    The drummer from Barenaked Ladies. He dances with… enthusiasm!

  14. Loved this video! Never heard of Miike Snow before, so I googled them and found they are on tour here in US right now–they play DC Wednesday night, Atlanta Friday and New Orleans Saturday. After that, many major cities over the next two months. So if you find you can’t get the catchy chorus out of your head, it might be fun to see them live…even if Bond and villains unlikely to make an onstage appearance…

  15. Hello, Mr. Scalzi,

    Long time reader, first time commenter here. Apart from high quality military science fiction, this might be the best thing you’ve introduced me to yet. Incidentally, the entire plot of the music video is what I would imagine a spy novel written by you might look like if it was compressed to just over four minutes. Just giving you something to ponder if you ever think about branching out into other genres.

  16. How exactly did Dr Evil-But-Fabulous get custody of the kids? WHAT COURT IN THE WORLD WOULD GIVE CUSTODY TO A MAN WHO PLAYS WITH FRIKKIN’ SHARKS AND LASERS?

  17. The end of the video makes me think of that old Sam Sheepdog and Wile Coyote cartoon

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