Warning: I’m Behind With Email

And that includes April Big Idea slots (March is all filled up). I hope to catch up soon.

As you were.

3 Comments on “Warning: I’m Behind With Email”

  1. So I won’t try to e-mail you about this: is Athena old enough to vote in next week’s primary, but isn’t? My kid will turn 18 two weeks after the primary, and thus John Husted has determined that he’s not old enough, even if, as I gather, he could have voted in past primaries. (cf http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/3503.011). If I’m reading the news right, it appears that Husted is doing a pretty odd reading of the law to get to this result. And since I don’t remember if A has had her birthday yet, I figured I’d ask if it applies to her.

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