New Books and ARCs, 3/11/16

And now, to usher you into the weekend: Look! New books and ARCs! Which of these tomes speak to you? Share in the comments.

26 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 3/11/16”

  1. Sanderson is a favorite, though I was unaware that those two novellas were available in hard copies here in the U.S. Honestly, they all look tempting (especially Eagle in Exile, due to its title alone); I shall note all of these, adding to my already-near-infinite list-pile of intended reading.

    Judging by the font, though, I’d say that Harmony House is an ironic title–perhaps horror. I’d Google it, but I’m in a bit of a hurry at present.

  2. Ooh…ooh…give me Eagle in Exile, please! I just finished the first book in that series and it’s an awesome bit of alternate-history. What if the Roman Empire hadn’t fallen and by the 1200’s they landed on the shores of America and started exploring…and running into the various tribes already living here?

  3. Love me some Joe Lansdale. Appetite has been whetted again recently by the new Sundance channel series “Hap and Leonard”.

  4. Who the hell is John L Lansdale? Isn’t one Lansdale too much awesome for most folks to handle?

  5. Borderline is *excellent*! I was very impressed with the way the author handled the mental illness of the main character…

  6. The Last Mortal Bond, definitely! Been waiting (im)patiently and it is almost here! I’m expecting an awesome conclusion to the Unhewn Throne trilogy!

  7. I’m super looking forward to Borderline; I put in a purchase request at my county library system and requested a copy via interlibrary loan too.

  8. I’m currently reading a Borderline. I’ve not been interested in many books this year but Borderline has captured me. I love it.

    I’m eagerly awaiting the next Smale book. I loved the first one. I’m really excited about the sequel.

    John Lansdale is of course, Joe’s boy! I’m currently reading this book. It’s all kinds of the usual Lansdale awesome!

  9. I’m going to be perverse and wonder if Trekonomics actually does deal with the economics of the Star Trek universe, a post-scarcity civilization. I bought a different one several years back, The Politics of Star Trek, and was quite disappointed; it was badly written and desperately needed the attentions of a good editor.

  10. Asteroid Made of Dragons, for the title alone. Nananoyz, ARC stands for Advance Reader Copy. Publishers send them to libraries and authors and presumably bookstores.

  11. Ikeke35: John L. is actually Joe R. Lansdale’s brother. But you’re right, all kinds of Lansdale awesome.

  12. Harmony House, followed closely by Borderline. Followed by most of the rest of the stack.

  13. Looking at that stack, I have reached the conclusion that we have run out of titles, much like we have run out of corporate names and drug brands.

  14. Do you read all the ARC you recive because seems like you post a new stack every few days and I think my brain would melt out of my ears at that pace.

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