Meanwhile, in the Ohio Senate

Here’s a nice thing that came in the mail the other day (to my mother-in-law’s house, oddly, but whatever): A commendation from the Ohio Senate! It’s for winning the 2016 Governor’s Award for the Artis in Ohio, and also, apparently, just for being a creative sort of dude who lives in Ohio. Well, okay! I’ll take it, with appropriate thanks and appreciation. This is kind of neat.

Interestingly, this is the second commendation I’ve received from the Ohio Senate; the first was in 2006, when I won the Campbell and was nominated for the Hugo for Old Man’s War. It was neat then, too. Does this predict a third commendation in 2026? Perhaps! (No.)

Regardless, it’s nice when your state appreciates you. I like Ohio, too.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Wow, big congrats to you, sir! What a nice thing to find in your mailbox!

I am particularly intrigued (also astounded) by the third paragraph in the letter. It seems that more and more politicians are jumping on the bandwagon of “the arts and humanities are useless, pointless and a waste of money, only real-world job skills should be taught and supported,” or at least that’s the case in my state. It’s refreshing to see Ohio’s legislature express a different point of view.

In any case, enjoy the well-deserved accolades, and have a terrific weekend.

Congratulations! And VERY well-deserved, if the one book I’ve been able to read in the past 2 months (“The End of All Things”, the best book I’ve read since Words of Radiance) is any judge.

you should definitely frame this and display it, it’s not every day the government sends an official letter telling your mother-in-law how awesome you are. :D

What, don’t those “Senators” have any “real” work to do? And it probably wasn’t even one of them doing the hard lifting of actually reading your books (which are very readable by the way), but some staffer paid for by your taxes.

Why aren’t these Senators fixing Flint’s water supply? … Oh, different state huh? Well from down this side of the world all your states look the same – three straight borders and one squiggly one.

In conclusion then, well done. I’m just a little jealous / peeved because I didn’t get one. Why should it be limited to an Ohioan? Whatever happened to globalization and living in the world village?

Have I said well deserved yet?

John , it’s so nice to see someone I read and follow on line (because I so often agree with you and when I don’t, feel you always have well thought reasons that give me pause) having so many great things comming his way. Enjoy the plaudits and the success both financial and intellectual . You have earned them all.

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