Two Views of the Same Daughter

She’s a photogenic kid, if I do say so myself.

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  1. When you’re too busy to post, have Athena post up her photos; plus (as warranted) some text along the lines of I was trying to do this, I got what you see, etc.  The shop talk of beginners and amateurs can be more enlightening to other beginners and amateurs than the shop talk of masters.  Athena can be the Scalzi in lieu of Scalzi (at least til she starts her own blog).  All in favor say aye.

  2. Tom M – Lawrence, Kansas Area, USA – A baby-boomer with a long Technology-Geek history and a even longer career in non-Technology-Geek work (I took what I could get, when I could get it). Do you remember IBM punch cards? I do. I am working, semi-retired, moderately Senior Citizen with a need to not get bored. So I work. Participate in distributed science data analysis by lending my computers and I read a lot.
    Tom M


  3. I basically came here to say the same thing Jerry Critter said, she has great hair. Apparently there’s also some useful wind around there as well. Nice job all around.

  4. Sheesh, I remember when she was a cute-as-a-button little girl. Not that she isn’t still cute, but that’s a young woman, not a little girl. Où sont les neiges d’antan?

  5. Interesting juxtaposition of the first photo with that head shot of you on the left-side column. While her resemblance to Krissy is unmistakeable, she has your eyes. It’s always fascinating how children can be a perfect blend of both parents.

  6. “She’s a photogenic kid, if I do say so myself.” Says the proud father! Very nice photos.
    I have two boys (one graduating high school this year, the younger next year) who I am very proud of myself! (Duh) They are good looking kids too (take after their mother), but, unlike your daughter, they hate having their pictures taken. Very disappointing to a shutterbug like me.

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