Two Views of the Same Tree

In other news, I’m still having fun with my new toy.

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  1. And so you should! I had a pithyJane Austen quote lined up, the ‘what do we live for’ one, but realised you already knew that.

    I should like to put in an impassioned plea for people to have lots and lots of fun. Looking around I still see so many people who seem to have internalised Gradgrind’s approach to life, to the point where ‘having fun’ is downright disgraceful.

    Life is too short for this; we need to get out there, and enjoy it while we can. I’m thrilled that you are thrilled with your new camera, and even more thrilled at the prospect of the photos to come. Carpe Diem!

  2. I believe both pictures are wonderful, and full of detail. They are startling, in that one has such color, and the other is bare because of Winter. Yet the second picture has such detail, and it was taken so close. I love it.

  3. I do agree about having fun. I believe a sense of humor is necessary in life. Otherwise we may become morbid from all the negative things that filter through the air. I believe positive, well-thought comments are good for our souls. I believe hard-nosed evaluation is just that. I believe the sympathy, kindness, and passion for people comes through the writing, and draws people to it. Fear of writing is suddenly gone when people write what they really think, and want to write in the first place. We should not be imprisoned by whether we are bearing leaves, or we are going through the Winter with no leaves. We should be full of life either way. I have said too much.

  4. Both are pretty good.. The first one is colourful and has an essence to it.. But at the same time the second one tells you a story in a much different way…

  5. And your having fun with your new toy just made for a major change for me. After years of saying that it’d be fun to buy a new DLSR (my Minolta SRT201 35mm camera quit working about ten years ago), I read about your description of the new toy and finally decided it was time to do something about that.

    So I just won an auction this morning on eBay for a used Nikon D5000, and I’m very much looking forward to taking photos again with something besides my phone.


    (Looking forward to seeing you at Westercon here in Portland in a few months.)

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