Life, Resurrected

For those who celebrate it, happy Easter. For those who don’t, may your day be joyous and full of the celebration of life. It’s a good day here. I hope it’s a good day for you wherever you are.

7 Comments on “Life, Resurrected”

  1. A beautiful, changeable day of weather in the Great North Left Coast (i.e. Oregon)- cherry blossom snow, brilliant sunshine, Bernie basking in victories. Vibrant life returning to both the natural and the unnatural worlds! Life is Good. Shalom

  2. Very thoughtful, Mr. Scalzi. Enjoy the rest of your day!
    Stupid Easter. It’s always on the weekend.

  3. I like how my waitress today clued in so swiftly to my joke. A young lady with a nose ring and big bunny ears.
    I said, “You know, something in the drinking water is causing mutations.” She smiled and pointed to her ears right away.

  4. The high point of my Easter was doing a circuit of the Tidal Basin with a friend to take in the cherry blossoms. It’s the closest thing to utopia in Washington DC.

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