Sunset, 3/29/16

Looks like we’re on a moon of Jupiter again.

11 Comments on “Sunset, 3/29/16”

  1. Alot going on in that pic. It deserves at least a partial all caps post, methinks. NOW THAT’S A SUNSET!

  2. There is something truly amazing in a sunset like that. Probably, there is a moment in each sunset like that, but usually I am too busy cursing and trying not to drive into an oncoming car as I block the dying rays with one hand, clutching the wheel with the other. It’s hard to feel the beauty at death’s edge.

  3. Actually that’s my central-Indiana city burning to the ground. Can’t wait for pictures of tomorrow’s bleak, apocalyptic gray sky as all that ash slowly tavels westward over Scalzi’s part of Ohio. Hopefully the line won’t be too long get to an Internet-connected computer in the fallout shelter at the local high school to check out the blog. I’ll fight for food scraps later. (Sorry, really bad fiction.)

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