What I’m Doing in Los Angeles This Next Weekend

Los Angelenos! This next Saturday — that’s the ninth — I will be in your fabulous town, not just to eat all the In-N-Out animal style Double Doubles that I can shove down my gullet but also to do a few events tied into the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. What are they and when can you see them? Well, let me answer those questions right now.

11:30 AM, Ronald Tutor Campus Center, USC Campus: I and Charlie Jane Anders are in conversation. Among the things we’ll no doubt talk about are Charlie Jane’s fantastic new book All the Birds in the Sky, the new things I am working on, the state of publishing, life, the universe and everything, and of course cupcakes vs. muffins. Our conversation is ticketed, and the tickets have a $1 service charge (sorry) but otherwise it’s free. Here’s where to reserve your tickets.

Immediately after our conversation, Charlie Jane and I are signing books! And probably anything else you want signed. So bring your signables!

3 PM, Mysterious Galaxy booth: Miss the signing right after my conversation with Charlie Jane? I’ll be here to sign some more books — and as it happens Mysterious Galaxy will have lots of my books on hand to sell as well. Convenient!

7 PM, Nerdmelt Showroom, 7522 Sunset Ave, Los Angeles: I’m one of the featured performers at The Objectively Hottest Authors On Earth LIVE!, which is being presented in association with the Festival of Books. During the show, hosted by artist and comedian Sara Benincasa, I, Maris Kreizman, Cecil Castellucci and Isaac Fitzgerald will be saying and/or doing funny things, and being interviewed by Sara. It’s going to be fantastic. Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door, and if you want to show up, don’t wait — the room is, uh, not huge, as I understand it. I can’t say what anyone else has planned but I will be reading an recently-written funny piece that hasn’t been published anywhere yet (although I’ve read it in a couple of places and it killed), so the only place you’ll be able to enjoy it is live, and the only place I’m planning to read it live in the foreseeable future is here, at the Nerdmelt Showroom.

See you there! I apologize in advance for the Double-Double breath.

16 Comments on “What I’m Doing in Los Angeles This Next Weekend”

  1. I suddenly regret not being in Los Angeles next week! I hope you have a wonderful time with your book-nerdery. I will do my best to hold down the book-nerd fort in Boston.

  2. Welcome back John! We have cronuts and Shake Shack now, so be sure to try the whole spectrum before as blood congeals to demi-glace.

  3. Can’t wait! Hope everything goes as planned and my wife and I can be there to see you!

  4. John: muffcakes, cupfins… what’s the difference?

    (Jonathan Swift cringes in his grave at the little-endian/big-endian bloodbatth that ensues… “Ensign, hand me my red shirt and brown pants!”)

  5. Well, dang! They would pick the weekend I’m moving for their event. Plus also Angels game. Sigh.

  6. I see “cupfins” and I’m picturing a cupcake or a muffin or a coffee cup or mug or whatever … but whatever it is, it’s got tail fins like a ’59 Cadillac.

  7. For other places to eat, please check Jonathan Gold’s columns in the L.A. “Times”.

  8. I know the weekend changed a couple of years ago, but damn! I am never going to get used to the Festival of Books being this early in the month. It’s supposed to be one of the weekends closest to my birthday near the end of the month. It was always a birthday gift I gave to myself. Now I already have plans for this weekend and nothing to do my birthday weekend. :(

  9. And who was the genius who scheduled your talk opposite of Kim Stanly Robinson AND Stan Lee. Then your signing was at the same time Robert J Sawyer was giving a talk.

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