Doing the Travel Thing

I’m on the road as of tomorrow morning through Sunday so it’s likely I won’t update here until I get home. Sorry. Hopefully this picture of a kitten will be suitable compensation:


And remember, if you are in Los Angeles, I will be among you soon!

16 Comments on “Doing the Travel Thing”

  1. A cat who peers out the window and hungers for rodents.
    Soon, you dirty rats, soon . . .

  2. From memory all the photos of cats you’ve offered recently using your new camera only in one has the cat been looking at you. In all the rest they are studiously ignoring you / finding something else more interesting.
    Then again if they do look at you it is to engage in a staring contest, or they are watching you don’t make off with their food.
    That’s how mine behaves.

  3. Oh John whatever will we do without you? (Sees all the books he needs to read) (Trips over some of them) Oh yeah, we’ll be fine

  4. The trouble with a kitten is that
    Eventually it becomes a cat.
    Ogden Nash

    Looks like Spice has made the transformation.

  5. Do the scamper beasts have a favorite human yet?
    Which pet is in charge of the other pets? I was going to say top dog, but Daisy is the only dog.

  6. Looking at some of the other photos of the scamperbeasts and noticing they have developed some seriously long tails… wow. Young lady catlings for the win!

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