Sunset 4/11/16

It’s dramatic!

In other news, I’m back from LA, where I had a lovely time and saw many fabulous friends and fans. How was your weekend?

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  1. I am glad you had a lovely time, sir.

    My weekend was fine, and thank you for asking. Younger kid was in town for a couple of days, elder kid was actually not traveling for a change, neither spouse nor I had any obligations on the calendar, so we all had fun together. Doesn’t happen often, now that they’re in their 30s with demanding professions, so we enjoy spending time with them whenever the opportunity presents itself.

  2. Hi John, I saw you and Charlie Jane Anders in Conversation. It was better than the panel on the dark side of California. I think that to improve your cupcake versus muffin gag if you are in tandem again, you and Charlie should look to the various You tube recordings of the Latke-Hammertash debates held at the University of Chicago for the past 60 years. Most every science has weighed in with hilarious results. I’m glad you and I share Madeleine L’Engle as an historic favorite. She must be coming back in style, like mid-century modern, because Titus Welliver mentioned her the next day. All the Best.

  3. Not as exciting as yours. Saturday, I attended a one day conference on the different aspects of Space, in science, business and politics and finally in fiction. It was interesting and all planned by a group of undergraduates. Good for them. Sunday, it was my turn to staff the reference desk in the University Library. But since there was snow and ice in Chicago this weekend, it was just as well to be indoors.

    And finally great photo.

  4. Older daughter had a college tour. Now she has to decide between Big City U and Farm Town State.

  5. Just for jollies, you should check out the 538 piece “How to Avoid Boring Sunsets.”

  6. I decided to set up the cichlid aquarium I’ve been wanting for 20-ish years, and then was given a free tank stand. Now I’m waiting for income tax refunds (because I finally did our taxes Saturday) to buy the pricey bits and some decent furniture so we can clean and rearrange the room said aquarium will be in and replace the current sturdy but industrial-bleah shelving.

  7. That sunset is exceptional!! Wow!

    I know nothing about photography and fancy equipment, but it looks like your new camera was a great choice!

  8. Had a nice time visiting a buddy in West Virginia, looking at daffodils and also marveling at the snow falling while the sun was still shining. I’m finally reading “The Grace of Kings” by Ken Liu, so that’s also time well spent.

  9. Thank you for asking. Had a slackertastic unproductive weekend veiled in the guise of new interest in HTML. In other words I worked on building a website rather than doing my homework. One can only endure so much Visual Studio before needing something interesting. I’ll send you a link when (provided the DN is still up for grabs) is more organized than a home page fully of cute bull dog pictures and quips.

  10. I had a new AC unit (the whole enchilada, inside & out) installed Saturday.

    Glad am I to have it done in April, before the blazing heat of Florida’s summer. Not so happy to have had the 15 year old AC system fail 2 1/2 weeks after closing on the house, & 2 weeks after move-in. The inspector did me no favors when he said it was working fine.

  11. This weekend?

    Quite the tire fire. But then (long sportsball explanation) and then (different long sportsball explanation) so hey, there’s joy if you know where to look, right?


  12. Glad your weekend went well. Beautiful sunset picture! I now have a new desktop image.
    This VERY proud father spent this past Saturday having my oldest son’s Boy Scout Eagle Court of Honor, celebrating his achievement in earning that rank. A good time was had by all!

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